Now, patients can easily avail blood over a call

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 May 2018 11:19:58


Our Correspondent

Ending the practice of giving blood to blood bank by a patient in exchange of blood they need, a youth of Sarangarh has started a novel initiative. Blood will be provided quickly to patients based on information received over phone. There will be no need of recommendation to get blood. These services can be availed directly via phone call. As per information, this organization will provide blood to needy as fast as possible. In the past four days, 11 units of blood have been provided to various patients. The director of the group Rajkamal Agrawal said that the aim of the organization is to provide blood to patients who need it urgently.

Due to absence of blood bank in Sarangarh, cases of untimely deaths due to lack of blood have become common in the region. He further said that no money is being charged for the blood, giving out service for free. They only register the names and details of relatives of the patient, requesting them to help when someone else might need blood. The goal is to register as many people as possible to ensure that blood can be provided timely to the needy, ending the cases of deaths due to lack of blood.