Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 May 2018 12:07:12









WITH the prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) eating up conventional jobs as a consequence of large scale automation, experts expect alternative energy sector to open new vistas of job opportunities. According to a report prepared by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), with India laying major thrust on exploiting alternative energy sources to meet its future needs and also its global commitment on pollution control, almost 300000 new jobs are likely to be created. Thus green energy holds out a great promise for job creation. While this is a reality to be explored and exploited in not too distant a future. say another four-five years, there is a need for getting prepared to take advantage of the emerging possibilities in the new energy sectors, like solar, wind and tidal etc. These new areas demand skilled manpower to undertake the work. Hence it is for the educational institutions to gear themselves up to devise necessary courses and train skilled manpower to meet the future needs of the new emerging energy sector. The opportunity beckons.


INDIA’s football legend Baichung Bhutia is optimistic about the prospects of Indian team in the Asia Cup as it has been put in Group A in which teams with higher ranking have been bunched together. It is tough for the Indian team to pass into the next round, Bhutia said, but asserted that such an accomplishment would not be impossible. Such an optimism has come only rarely from a player of Bhutia’s merit. When he captained the Indian national team, he did his best to raise the level of performance, only to little avail. Personally, he was regarded as a player with legendary skills, but could never take the team to the next level. That indicated how much hard work is necessary to make Indian football more competitive. It is certainly a matter of evolving a culture of excellence in football. Despite much effort, the lords of Indian football have not been able to achieve that feat. But now, Baichung Bhutia has expressed some optimism that things may look better for the national team. May his hope get converted into a reality. May his prayers work for the team.