Uncleanliness causing inconvenience to citizens

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 May 2018 10:32:54



Staff Reporter

Showed unprecedented zeal in maintaining proper sanitation in the city during Swachh Survekshan, the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has now turned nelsons eye to cleanliness arrangements. The civic body is paying sheer negligence to proper sanitation in the city. Dumps of garbage lying alongside main roads and trash bins brimming with domestic waste have become common site in Jabalpur.The uncleanliness is causing inconvenience to city dwellers. People have to hold their breath and close their nose while crossing some areas which are brimming with garbage.

Every nook and corner of the city looks dirty. Trash bins are brimming with domestic waste. Despite such disarrangement, the JMC is taking no concrete step to redress the problem. Citizens have been paying for the negligence of civic body. The senior officials who have been bestowed the responsibility of maintaining proper cleanliness in the city taking no pains to rectify the disarrangement. The officials of health department and ruling party members in JMC merely do lip service and do nothing on ground to redress civic problems.

The JMC spends huge money over cleanliness arrangements. It has good strength of sanitation workers. Moreover, the JMC has given cleanliness arrangements of a number of wards on contract to private firm. Even though it has failed to provide clean environment to the denizens.
By paying negligence in providing the basic civic amenity, the health department of JMC is also disobeying State Government's directives as wells as the instructions of the High Court which had asked the civic body to take needed steps to maintain proper cleanliness within municipal limits.The JMC do formalities of conducting special cleanliness drive on occasions. It deploys teams of sanitation workers in some areas and deems end of its responsibilities. Such lackadaisical attitude of JMC is increasing uncleanliness to manifolds.

Apart from that the Municipal Corporation has also failed to restrict people from throwing garbage on roads, drains and in conservancies. The JMC should take strict measures to check such uncivilized act. It must levy heavy fine on people who do such wrong acts.The Health department also failed badly in restricting shopkeepers, kiosk owners and vendors from dumping garbage in drains and nullahs regularly. It is the high time when the ruling party members and senior officials should shun doing formalities and take concrete steps to make Jabalpur garbage free.