Water scarcity to rock NMC’s spl general body meet on 19th

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 May 2018 09:35:22


Special Correspondent,

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has organised a special general body meeting on May 19 to discuss water scarcity issue in the city. The meeting is likely to be very stormy as Orange city is facing severe water supply problem in different areas in this scorching heat.

Congress has already threatened to gherao Municipal Commissioner Virendra Singh on Thursday May 17 while the corporators of other parties are also facing problem due to water scarcity in their respective areas. They all are likely to corner ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over water supply.

During last meeting, Mayor Nanda Jichkar had assured to visit every zone of the city to understand water supply problem in the respective zone. She has visited all the zones and discussed the problem with the corporators. She has directed NMC administration and Orange City Water (OCW) to provide regular water to citizens. Presently, the city is receiving 670 to 680 Million liter water every day.

Despite these directions,. Ashi Nagar Zone, Nehru Nagar Zone, Mangalwari Zone, Satranjipura Zone, Lakadganj Zone are facing water supply problem in the summer. The demand has increased, therefore, it is very difficult for the administration to provide equitable water in all the areas. The citizens residing at tail end are facing water shortage due to flawed distribution system.

OCW is supplying water through tankers in network areas while NMC is supplying water in non-network areas. The citizens of undeveloped layouts are still getting water from the tankers due to unavailability of water network.
Mayor Nanda Jichkar along with Leader of Opposition Tanaji Vanve and Municipal Commissioner Virendra Singh visited Bhande plot, Sudam Puri and other areas of East Nagpur on Wednesday. Corporators Divya Dhurde, Reeta Mule and other prominent citizens were present.

Senior corporator Abha Pande has stormed civic body with aggrieved women complaining about irregular water supply in her area. Julfikar Bhutto and Ramesh Punekar of Central Nagpur have also registered several complaints of contaminated water supply. Every year, city faces water scarcity during summer. The residents are receiving water with very low pressure in these areas. In last 3-4 years, the NMC and OCW have created infrastructure for providing safe water to the citizens.

Pradeep Rajgire, General Manager of Nagpur Environmental Services Limited (NESL) has stated that presently, the OCW is supplying water through 100 tankers in networking areas while NMC is providing water through 342 tankers in non-networking areas. The maximum supply is in undeveloped layouts of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT). Presently, the NMC is supplying water ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours in some areas.

KMP Singh, Director of OCW said, “We are implementing 24 x 7 water supply for last 5 years. In this project we have replaced old deteriorated pipelines and House Service Connections (HSCs) which has resulted into major improvement in supply duration, pressure conditions and water quality.

NMC-OCW have so far replaced 600 kms of pipeline and more than 1.7 lakh House Connections. The rehabilitation work is going on across the city. The rehabilitation works and the regular Operation and Maintenance work have shown improvement on various parameters resulting into direct benefit to approx. 15 lakh citizens.”

Considering the summer time and increased water demand, NMC-OCW have put special focus on the Tanker Operations in order to cater to the additional demand. There are total 105 tankers deployed across the city. These tankers make more than 1,000 trips every day. To ensure that the needs of the citizens are timely fulfilled, the tankers are also working in night shifts, he added.