‘Disclosure of mandatory information on label of product is must’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 May 2018 11:42:31


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The Agro n Food Processing Cell of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) organizied one day workshop on ‘Pre-packed products labeling and mandatory declarations on label and E-commerce under Legal Metrology and Food Safety Act’ here in city on Wednesday.Subhash Shete, Founder of Legal Fundda, having rich experience of 15 years in legal advisory, Food Safety and Legal Metrology, artwork-label approval, statutory compliance management, Government affair, legal drafting, legal audit, contract management, FCPA, legal training, litigation management, with organisations of repute in consumer-products, manufacturing, FMCG, e-commerce an retail sector, was the key speakers on the occasion.

Shete said that label is the face of pre-packaged product and it helps the consumer to identify the product of his choice. “Statutory declarations printed on the label guide the consumer to select the product as per his needs and requirements. It is a legal duty of the manufacturer to disclose all the mandatory information on the label of the product failing which it will lead to miss-branding and misleading information which is punishable offense for with various fine and penalties that are prescribed under the Act,” he added.

Shete further informed the participants about Legal Metrology and Food Safety Act that provides detail guidelines on the manner and mode of making all the declarations on the label of the pre-packaged product. Detail knowledge of labeling guidelines and strict compliance of same will help to minimize legal risk to the business / business owners. As the unawareness of law is not a legal excuse, it is the duty of every manufacturer to understand labeling guidelines and keep consumer informed about the quality and quantity of the product. “If we strictly comply with the labeling guidelines, one day “Miss-branding” will be completely eradicated from India,” he said.

He also educated the participants about actual letter and spirit of the Act / Rules to avoid any non-compliance and penal action for non-compliance. He said various regulatory changes in labeling guidelines for pre-packaged commodities under Legal Metrology Act 2009 and Legal Metrology (Package Commodities) Rules, 2011 and Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, Rules and Regulation.
Shivaji Suryawanshi, Inspector, Legal Metrology Department, Nagpur Division made presentation on short note and history of Legal Metrology.Manoj Tiwari, Food Safety Officer - FDA, Nagpur made presentation on Food Safety and Standard Act 2006 and Product Labeling.

The workshop was attended by manufacturer, packer, importer, wholesaler, retailers of pre-packaged food non-food commodities, E-commerce companies, label and art work designers, advertisers and publishers, in house counsels, quality and regulatory professionals, advocates and law students. Two participants from Chennai also attended the workshop.Earlier, Suresh Rathi, Vice President – VIA welcomed Subhash Shete, Shivaji Suryawanshi and Manoj Tiwari with floral bouquets. In his welcome address, Rathi said deliberations on this important topic is the need of the hour. The concerned department is also coming forward to resolve legal compliance. The workshop educated participants on scope of legal metrology. Arun Khobragade, Chairman of VIA Agro & Food Processing Forum, made opening remarks and also introduced the speakers.