Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 May 2018 11:01:51

THE move by political parties like Congress, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and others is absolutely frivolous that they would meet the Governors of Goa, Bihar, and Manipur to stake claim to forming Government in those places on the basis of one point that theirs were the single largest parties in those States post elections. This move is based on the development in Karnataka where the Governor invited the single largest party in the newly-elected Legislative Assembly. If this rule is applicable in Karnataka, then it should be made applicable in other States as well, these parties have insisted. In tune with this thought, they now wish to approach the Governors of Goa and Bihar and Manipur where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed power by making up the numbers through post-poll arrangements with members of other parties. This very thought is frivolous and would not prove useful since it is not possible for anybody to bring down Governments formed through proper process in any State. The attempt of these parties to link the Karnataka developments to what happened in other States in the past does not make any sense.

Yet, fired by political ambition and also by desire to disturb the government of the rival parties on a tenterhook, these political parties are now trying to build a hype that the BJP has done a constitutional wrong and they would like to reverse the process applying the same principle as was done in Karnataka. The leaders of these parties are insisting upon this point in spite of the fact that they know that reversal of a constitutionally-processed move of government-formation is not possible. Obviously, their intention is to keep creating disturbance in States on a hyped constitutional consideration that has no validity of any type.

It must be noted that in Goa, the Congress party had even failed to stake a claim to form Government. Its leaders kept sleeping in five-star comforts when the BJP leaders were working late into the night to muster enough numbers. And they staked their claim the moment they realised that they had the numbers and also that no other party with adequate numbers had staked the claim. The BJP leaders hastened the process of preparing the claim statement and presented it to the Governor. The BJP followed the same principle of smart, bold and timely action elsewhere, too, without hindering the constitutional sanctity of their action or violating any norm and convention at all.

Yet, the moment Karnataka Governor Mr. Vajubhai Vala invited the single largest party in Karnataka to form Government, all other political parties raised a ruckus about how they were pushed aside and how the BJP was given the chance of forming Government. This afterthought post-Karnataka has no value and validity in the system. The decision of the Governor often has a constitutional validity and cannot be ignored. In the case of Karnataka, too, the honourable Supreme Court did not doubt the Governor’s constitutional authority, but insisted upon the floor test to be taken earlier than the time-limit of 15 days granted by the Governor.

It is more than obvious, thus, that the attempts by parties like Congress or RJD now want to stake claim to form Government just because they were the single largest parties in respective States. By so doing, they are negating the constitutionality of the process of Government formation in the three states. This is not a proper approach. Blinded as they are by the developments in Karnataka, these parties are now trying to seek a similar ‘justice’. Such frivolous politics needs to be avoided by all parties. Politics is not a non-serious domain. Much to the contrary, it is a domain that needs best transparency and highest degree of integrity and character. It is, thus, incumbent upon all political parties to shoulder responsibility of correct and serious conduct.