Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 May 2018 11:47:22









SUPERIOR training and no-nonsense attitude would make Black Cat commandos very effective in Jammu and Kashmir, if the Government decides to deploy them in the troubled State.Giventhe ever-worsening overall security situation in Kashmir, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs is contemplating deployment of Black Cat commandos to quell separat is m with an ironhand. This would really prove to be a good move and the Centre must not shy away from making the all-critical decision. Many developments in J&K indicate that the Police force in the State is not tough enough to tackle the challenge on the ground for obvious lack of training and political influences. In case Black Cat commandos get deployed in the State, they would tolerate no nonsense from the political class or the separatist groups.The intenseprofessionalism of the‘Black Cats’will certain lymake acritical difference to the internal situation in Kashmirinnotime.What Kashmir requires at this stage is an uncompromising toughness of stand by security forces. The‘BlackCats’willserve that purpose well.


S PORTSMinister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore knows more than enough of the working of National Sports Federation sashe had seen the rigmarole of red-tapism in clearing dues by the babus during his days as a marksman. Wisened by those experiences, Rathore has put errant officials in his department on notice should they fail to hand over incentives to sportspersons in time. This is a correct stance by the minister, who is committedtothelargergood of athletes toiling to bring glory to the country. For years together, denial of deserving dues to sportspersons has remained a big problem in Indian sports administration. Efforts were made by earlier occupants of the ministrytoo butRathore’shardstance of even sacking officials against any wrong doing is a welcome change. However, he has also cautioned athletes against making false accusations. Some athletes do have a habit of blaming officials after their own poor show, something that was exposed during the Rio Olympics. Rathore’s warning should serve as a deterrent for such cry babies too.