Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 May 2018 11:32:49



The Great Russian Sprinter and Olympics Gold Medal winner Valeri Borsov in an interview mentioned his approach to the 100 meter sprint run. He said: “By learning to draw a mental picture of the race, while still at the starting point, I was able to react to the starting gun with split second speed.

When the short was fired, my inner computer programmed to get me out of the starting point, pushed me ahead where I was actually running”. High achievers have shown that no matter how difficult their personalities, their work habits, people who accomplish great things in life have visualised and expected success all along.

Once you are in a relaxed and optimistic mood, focus on what you really want to become. Keep in mind that many of world’s inventions came at the end of a century, as if there is some urgency to be more creative as you progress in life. Three ingredients necessary for the success of a salesman are technical knowledge of his product, know how of specific sales techniques to promote sales and inspiration to action. In our own lives, we sometimes go from one shop to another to fetch the best product at a competitive price. Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep on trying.

Some of the most outstanding individuals reveal the way to happiness, health and success through their own experiences and reflections on life. Eminent people who have created records and went on trying to create more. All of us can develop our natural talents, and achieve seemingly impossible goals. Mahatma Gandhi said once: “I am convinced that organised mind power is greater than military power.” My mother once told me: “How much two people of a family laugh together is the surest sign to how well things are progressing”. We know the story of ‘Angulimala’ who would cut off the fingers of people who crossed his path.

He would then string the fingers into a garland and wear it wherever he went. Once Gautam Buddha was crossing the forest and naturally Angulimala appeared before him and threatened to cut off his fingers. Lord Buddha said: “I have no objection if you cut off my finger but before that I would like to ask a question. Buddha plucked a leaf from a tree and asked him “Can you put it back on the tree?” Angulimala understood the situation and gave up the hobby of cutting fingers of people.

In our own lives, we come across situations where we are unable to put back a thing once it is broken or severed from the main part. While in the Police, my boss used to tell me: “Ultimate purpose of life is to test the human spirit that is to develop something better more nearly perfect. For example, how to slow down ageing is very simple. Food is not a quick remedy for ageing. But a sound diet, plenty of fibre, water and vitamin, fruits and vegetables are bound to have a positive effect on your health and looks. First we will be the best; next we will be the first. Give success a chance to happen.

I read somewhere the following advice “It is not your talent or gifted birth. It is not your bank book that determines your worth. It is not the colour of your skin. It is your attitude that lets you WIN. Just grab your dream and believe it. Go out and work and you will achieve it. Believe in God you are half way there. Believe in yourself you are almost near the target.” All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is a direct result of his own thoughts, his own self image. When a baby comes into this world, its brain is a jumble of neurons all waiting to be woven into the intricate tapestry of the mind. From the age 2 to 6 is the period of human development.

It harbours more of the secrets and power of human growth. Before children reach school, they have absorbed a tremendous amount of information. There is a fine line between successful people and the rest of the pack. That line is called the winners edge. It is not because of a privileged environment or high IQ or superior education or unusual talent or luck.

The winner’s edge is because of attitude. Demosthenes, the great Greek Orator suffered from a serious speech impediment, that he could searcely speak. He parched talking with a mouth full of pebbles and became the greatest orator of the world. Thomas Edison who discovered the Electric bulb was thrown out of school but became a great discoverer of many things useful to mankind. Thomas J Watson who founded the IBM said: “The way to succeed is to double our failure rate!