Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 May 2018 14:07:40


PEOPLE often say “come on, boys don’t cry, stop crying like a girl... boys don’t cry”. We have heard these phrases since childhood and many of us agree to it. But who said boys don’t cry? Boys do cry.

Crying is an expression, emotion, feeling that is shown to be a quality of a weak person. And weak is to be a feminine, it is generally believed.
You cry when you don’t get something what you wish for or when you get hurt by someone. But why it is not the same when it comes to a boy? Why boys are not allowed to cry? Why they are restricted?

Crying is a way of a human body to express pain, sorrow, feelings, emotions of a person. It shows one’s attachment to someone, and that emotion flows through tears.
Most of us feel that boys don’t cry because they don’t have a heart. But have you ever thought that there might be some reasons other than this why boys hide their tears? Everyone has a heart which beats every hour, minute, second. It goes the same for a boy but the difference is society thinks crying is a act of feminine character.

If a man is caught crying it doesn’t mean that he is having a feminine character. It is important to cry sometimes, let your emotions out. It will give some relief to your heart.
Mostly men don’t reveal their emotions be it a brother, friend, husband or father. They usually don’t cry in front of anyone. They do it while alone. They are humans, they too have emotions, they too feel the rain, air, the touch.

They make sacrifices and compromises just for others’ happiness. They won’t ever cry in front of anyone just to show how strong they are. The truth is they don’t want to sound weak when their close ones and family need them the most. But boys do cry.















Prachi Tarachand Kodwani
Jhulelal Institute of Technology.