Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 May 2018 14:15:02

I sit down

At this confluence
Surrounded by the lights I cannot see
At an attempt, once again, to fit in.
All of my other senses have evolved
And the bouncing babble of the water is twisting in the canal of my ears
The breeze is growing into winds and dancing on the tips of my goosebumps.
The smell of fish
The smell of homes
The aroma of market
The whiff of sweat
The fragrance of flowers mixed with the ruffle of leaves
The tang of sweet, ripe, raw and rotten
The flavour of metal, food, spices and sunrise
The smell of people
The smell of life
The melange of colours
That I’ve been seeing all my life
But too busy to slow down
And appreciate the harmony with which we function

Now that the colours don’t mean anything to me
I can feel them blending with life
And finally
With me

And it’s in this blindness
That I find myself
Belonging to this world
More and more
As I inhale, touch and hear the world
As if it’s happening within me
Now the world and I call truce
And become a confluence.












Trupti Parker

LAD College.