Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 May 2018 11:06:41









CHINA is truly incorrigible and the dictionary gives the meanings of the word as :hardened, hopeless, unruly and that cannot be corrected. All these traits are discernible in the Chinese behaviour with its neighbours when it comes to territorial claims. Hardly a fortnight has passed after the summit meeting Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has had with the Chinese supremo Mr. Xi Jinping, when media reports indicate heightened Chinese mining activity close to Arunachal Pradesh for mining precious metals. The two leaders had resolved to sort out their problems amicably. But international observers believe that this activity is not a simple mining business but could turn out to be another South China Sea flash point. Thus for India, China would remain a perpetual cause of worry and concern with Beijing indulging in unpredictable activities to claim territories. The Doka La stand-off has given a bitter lesson to India. It only demonstrates that all the Chinese talk of bonhomie is misleading and that the country has to maintain eternal vigil.


THE decision of Pakistani leadership, including civil and military, to give greater administrative and financial authority to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan province is a reflection of uneasiness the neighbouring country is going through over the happenings in both the regions. However Pakistani leaders and military may deny, but there is a palpable anti-establishment mood in the populace of the two regions. That the Pakistan Government had to bring in reforms proposal to grant more administrative authority despite the presence of advisory councils in the regions indicates the heat their leadership is feeling due to protests by the local populace. The residents of both these provinces are regularly subjected to brutality of the Pakistani forces. Their struggle for freedom from the clutches of the oppressive Pakistani authorities is clearly assuming threatening proportions posing grave danger to the controversial China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Hence this via media by the Pakistan Government to subdue the voices of dissent.