Source: The Hitavada      Date: 23 May 2018 11:56:36










THE authorities of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), busy fighting Naxalites in red extremist affected regions, deserve to be complimented for taking a thoughtful decision to engage local youths, including women in their mission. As a result of this decision they have an enthusiastic, specialised Bastariya Battalion to buttress their mission against Maoist extremists. It has a very great social significance and has a great message to convey to the people in the Naxal-affected regions. 

The freshly trained recruits are naturally proud of the role the authorities of the CRPF have assigned to them. They are fired up to serve a national cause of ridding large parts of the country of the threat to internal security. The recruitment of the tribal youths in the battalion, which comprises newly married couples and a brother-sister duo, has not only given gainful employment to the young people of remote Bastar area, but will serve a great purpose of encouraging young people to shun the path of violence and serve the motherland.The authorities in the Union Government and States as well as security forces, are working on various ways to decimate the influence of the Maoists in remote tribal areas of the country. Apart from launching armed campaigns against the hardened Naxal cadres and their top leaders, the security forces have also been laying stress on development-related issues and social action through which they hope to reach out to the people and appeal to wayward youths to shun the path of violence.

The induction of women in the force will have a very positive effect on the thinking of those who are either lured by the Naxal promises or are coerced into joining the left wing extremist forces. These women recruits of the CRPF will not only wield guns, whenever the occasion demands, but will also act as messengers of peace among the tribal families. Thus by recruiting these young people the CRPF authorities have opened windows of possibilities of combating the Maoists on social level as well.It is because of this multi-pronged approach at various levels that the security forces are experiencing greater success than in the past, occasional reverses notwithstanding. But the success rate has been much higher in recent months. as a result of planning.