Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 May 2018 11:51:21










WHAT a shame! A country that is aspiring to be among global economic superpowers and is fifth largest economy in the world, is languishing even behind its small neighbours like Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare. Still more pathetic is the fact that the country stands at an abysmally poor rank of 145th among 195 countries of the world. And this is supposed to be an improvement over earlier showing. It is a pity that even after 70 years of freedom, we should be so way behind even our small neighbours, let alone China. Granted that India has to take care of a huge population and therefore it requires to build a huge infrastructure to meet the needs of the people, especially of those large stratas of poor population which have no means to meet their healthcare needs. While the well-to-do sections meet their healthcare requirements through the burgeoning private healthcare sector with all modern facilities, it is the public sector upon which large population depends but leaves much to be desired qualitywise.


THE sudden announcement of retirement from international cricket by South African cricket great A.B. de Villiers has naturally sent shock waves in the world’s cricketing circles. However, A. B. de Villiers said, he felt tired after 14 years of an illustrious career and wanted younger elements to come in. This is certainly a decent and dignified thought. Yet the suddenness of the announcement without any idea to anybody has shocked cricket fans. For, de Villiers did really well for himself not just in his country’s team but also in the club team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Whenever he came out to bat, he made the difference. He had an electric presence on the ground even on the fielding side. Such a man has opted out all of a sudden. Naturally, the game and its fans will miss the man who still had a few years of cricket left in him. For, he was an embodiment of an ideal cricketer, having given to the game everything he had and more. But the strain of international cricket must have taken a heavy toll of his energies, an issue that cannot be brushed aside easily.