A Bucket load Of Emotions

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 May 2018 13:30:48



Bucket List

By Aasawari Shenolikar  

“Aai ha dress bugh,” (mother, look at this dress) says the teenage daughter, showing a bright red shirt dress to her mother. “Ani hyachya khalikai?” (And what will you wear below this), the mother asks. “Heels,” she replies innocently. “Phakt heels (only heels),” is the mother's incredulous reaction. Kind of a scene in every house, I guess. This and many instances like this make Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar's Bucket List an imminently realistic picture, a film that tugs at the heartstrings because it has a lot of soul in it.

Giving vision to Tejas’ creation and creativity is the stellar Madhuri Dixit, who plays Madhura Sane(the mom above) in her debut Marathi film Bucket List. That the talented actor agreed to be a part of the film, and that as time passed, other bigwigs, like Karan Johar, also jumped in, speaks volumes about the strong content of Bucket List. The hype, about Bucket List, is unprecedented. It has created waves almost all over the world. And none will go back disappointed for every person will instantly, at some level or the other, connect with it. It is the story of a woman Madhura, who is content playing the wife, mother and daughter-in law. She cooks one vegetable four ways to cater to the individual tastes of the family members. There is nary a whimper of protest for she is happy doing that.

Till Sai enters into her life. Sai Deshpande, a young 20- year-old spunky girl loses her life and Madhura, suffering from a heart ailment is the recipient of Sai's heart. Madhura is curious about the donor and reaches out to her parents (played by Renuka Shahane and Prakash Deshpande).Salil (Sumedh Mudgalkar), Sai’s twin brother, is antagonistic towards her and when Madhura shows inclination to completing Sai’s bucket list before her 21st birthday, he shows his displeasure. But Madhura, with support from her spouse Mohan (Sumeet Raghavan) and Panji (ShubhaKhote), and of course Sai’s numerous friends, stands her ground and goes about ticking items off from Sai’s Bucket List. In the process, she rediscovers her own individuality, her own self. She realises that her individual self Was buried in the many roles that she had been playing to fulfil her commitment towards her family.

As she slowly breaks through the cocoon and blossoms, she finds liberation and a sense of pride. Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar’s Bukcet List is a contemporary take and it is bound to find a wide audience because it is topical, made keeping in mind the present generation and situation. Tejas has very cleverly inserted all the elements that one can find in any family today - internet savvy children, a mother and grandmother taking help from the youngsters in discerning the intricacies of the GenX lingo, the domineering mother-in-law … it’s a normal family, speaking a normal language that is reflected on screen and you can’t help but feel - ‘Hey! This is what happens in my family too!’ The pace is languid, this is probably so that the audience is given time to ponder, reflect and soak in what is unfolding on the screen. The dialogues are not clichéd; peppered with a lot of humour, they bring on the smiles. And the next moment, the eyes mist because the situation gets emotional. So as the reels unspool to a logical progression, you laugh and cry and feel good. Tejas’ focus on

detailing is evident - sample this - The family is having dinner and Madhura is seeking, from her family, permission to go to Dapoli. The in-laws demur, express doubts as to how she will manage on her own, and the camera pans on Madhura looking at Mohan, obviously seeking some support from him. It’s just a passing phase and if you blink, you will miss it - it is realistic and it is these little deft touches that add to the narrative and lift the movie from being another run-of-the-mill kind of film. Even as the entire film revolves around Madhuri Dixit, the contribution by the other stalwarts from the Marathi film industry can not be ignored. Needless to say, Shubha Khote, the spunky grandmother gets the best one-liners. Particularly poignant is Renuka Shahane’s role. Even in a small role, her act leaves one teary-eyed. The seasoned Vandana Gupte, Dileep Prabhavalkar, Ila Bhate - all leave an impact with their strong portrayals. Sumeet Raghavan, as ever, is natural and at ease while sharing screen space with the diva. And that is why she is a Diva-for even as Madhuri Dixit shines brilliantly, she doesn’t try to overshadow her co-stars.

In the movie, she might scoff at ‘give me some space mom’ dialogue mouthed by her daughter. But she gives enough space to all the characters to do their significant bit in the film. Of course, part credit goes to the director, for after all he is helming the ship. Madhuri Dixit’s effortless performance will touch a cord with the audience. She once again proves that she is to the camera born. Her radiant smile lights up the screen and she essays the vulnerability and later the determine individual out to complete what she has undertaken, with equal ease. The purist, yet free spirited character ready to take on adventures like riding a Harley Davidson, kissing a boyfriend, going to a pub and getting sozzled – all these are effortless acts. Watch her do the ‘kissing boyfriend’ bit-cuteness over loaded in this scene. There seems to be no acting bit in the interactions with her daughter - as smooth as natural as if happening in anyone’s life. Madhuri Dixit, thus, is as realistic as one could get.

Of the songs, it is Majhya Mana that is filled with emotion and takes the narrative forward, recounting the feelings of Madhura and her desire to fulfil the wishes of a girl who, while leaving the world, gave a new life to many, including Madhura. Manjhya Mana is profound! A perfect amalgamation of sound, narrative and visuals are proof of Tejas’ expertise in wielding the baton. BucketList, in short, is a realistic and poignant tale told with powerful cinematic skills, which in the climax implies that we are the sculptors of our life, it is only when you jump off the cliff that you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall and discover yourself - just as Madhura Sane did in Bucket List! A must watch.


The Hitavada Rating: ✯✯✯✯