Aggression can be a sign of depression

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 May 2018 11:10:23


Q. I am from Madhya Pradesh. I have completed my Class XII this year and now I am searching for good colleges. But my performance in entrance exams is not good. So I am frustrated and afraid about my future. How can I cope with this problem, give me some tips ma’am.

Ans. Cultivating tension will not get you a good college if your marks are average due to low performance. Being realistic means to accept the results of your 12 Std Boards and then settling for the colleges that are open to you or else the other alternative being to take a drop and re-prepare for the entrance exams and do it well by being serious and putting in your best efforts. Worry and tension are useless emotions that only do damage and do not help in any way. So relax and think positively about your future and take wise decisions with the consent of your family. if they agree with your plan for a drop this year, you are lucky indeed. If they do not agree then go for whatever if offered to you and do well there and aim for a better college in post graduation. Best wishes to you! M D

Q. My brother just gave his Class 10 Boards. He wants to pursue Car Designing and he is really good at it. But we don’t know how to go about it. Are there any entrance exams to get into designing colleges? Or is it better to do Engineering first?

Ans. He could choose science for his junior college and for his under graduate program there are choices he will have to make. Either he opts for engineering in mechanical, automobile engineering or industrial design and then goes for further courses in car design/automotive design. The other option is to go for the integrated courses (5 years) in car design after 12 Std itself. He could also opt for Bachelor in design in car (BDes courses, four years) and then go for the Masters programme (M.Des) subsequently. There are institutes all over India for such courses, such as Pune, Indore, Banglore, Hyderabad etc. A session on career guidance may be helpful for your brother. An assessment of his aptitude may be yet useful. B S

Q. My child is behaving funny since few years and the changes in him worry us. My husband and I live in joint family and there are some differences with family. My husband suffered a stroke and fell ill for some months. He is healthy now, but needs lot of attention and lives with many limitations. I have another child who is very young, six years old and another who is 15 years old. I am worried about my elder son. He has temper flare ups and often fights with his cousins. This situation has turned so grim that we are contemplating moving out of the family. This worries me as then I will have to manage all things alone. My mind often goes blank. Please help.

Ans. Children too have mental health problems and they often go unnoticed and undetected. I am glad you have noticed many changes in the behaviour of your son. These changes are significant as they indicate something. A symptom speaks of some problem. Temper and fights with cousins could indicate maladaptive behaviour due to family fights of adults, as you do mention that the joint family is under stress. You also mention the sudden illness of your husband which impact children as well as the attention of parents are diverted to handling the illness and children begin to feel neglected emotionally. The reasons could be many but the symptoms indicate depression as well besides maladjustment. Aggression is a sign of depression as well besides other factors. Please bring him for counselling as soon as possible for a stitch in time saves many. Prolonging the issue and leaving it unattended worsens it. please don't delay, a few sessions will surely help him emote and heal his emotional disturbances.












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