Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 May 2018 09:53:35

EVEN as Pakistan Army continues to violate ceasefire to aid infiltration by ultras bred on its soil, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has issued a terse warning to Pakistan to desist from its nefarious plans of sending terrorists in the Indian side if it wanted peace measures to be extended in the restive provinces of Jammu & Kashmir. Gen. Rawat’s clear message to Pakistan is another indicator of India’s willingness to give peace a chance provided the notorious neighbour reciprocates its initiatives and adhere to the suspension of anti-militancy operations in J&K. However, there is little chance of Pakistan responding to any gentlemanly gesture from India, whose Army is still making people of the Valley realise the benefits of peace.

Though Gen. Rawat made an appeal to Pakistan, he was quick to remind that India would be ready for a combative action if any violation in ceasefire was noticed. Given the ways that drive Pakistan leadership, both civil and military, any peace initiative by India was never adhered to in its true spirit. History is dotted with incidents of backstabbing by Pakistan leadership when terrorists backed by the rogue State foiled every peace overture by the Indian leadership. In this backdrop the ceasefire announced in the Valley by Indian Army is bound to be met with retaliation by the Pakistani Army through cross-border terrorism.

In the last few days, after announcement of unilateral ceasefire by both the countries, Pakistan is still engaged in pounding of Indian border posts and villages causing loss of life and property. Indian security forces are also adept at adopting tit-for-tat tactics and just a few days ago, the Border Security Force (BSF) caused exemplary damage to Pakistan posts inside its own territory as a retaliatory action for their ceasefire violation. Though peace talk is a prudent way to find a solution to the problem, India is well prepared for military action against the rogue neighbour who must be answered in the language it understands.

It is imperative for India to prepare for real-time response to every Pakistani misadventure. During the famous ‘surgical strike’ launched by India it took its ‘own time and place of choosing’ to avenge Pakistan’s dastardly attacks in Uri and Pathankot sectors. Later, in Naushera sector India retaliated almost immediately catching Pakistan unawares. It was a well-timed strategy that has set the template for the Indian Armed Forces. Such real-time responses reflect India’s willingness to learn from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) which effectively employed this strategy during Intifada, the violent Palestinian uprising against Israeli forces. The plan was simple -- hit them hard before they are ready for another false bravado.

About a year ago, Gen. Rawat had talked about ‘innovative’ response to Pakistan’s overtures like ceasefire violations and infiltration which the Army Chief termed as a dirty war. The word ‘innovative’ brings in a totally new narrative to Indian Army’s response. One of the steps could be to undertake pre-emptive strikes to shock Pakistan. While the ceasefire announced by the Union Home Ministry in the holy month of Ramadan must be followed in letter and spirit, India cannot sit idle and allow Pakistan to use the period to strengthen terrorist camps near the border. Strategic offensive of going deep into enemy territory during retaliatory action must form necessary part of Indian action.