These funny youngsters who refuse to think-IV

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 May 2018 09:57:02





l While descending on a flight of stairs, a young man in his early twenties developed a sprain in his right ankle. He could not walk even a few steps to reach a chair and sit down for a while. The doctor advised him rest for a few days, and then allowed some movement with a stretch bandage for a couple of weeks. 

l A girl in her twenties approached her doctor for an acute pain in her right elbow as well as right shoulder. “I cannot even touch the computer mouse. The moment I start handling it, I develop an acute pain in the right arm from shoulder down, and also fairly big pain in the right shoulder and neck. The doctors prescribed a few medicines plus an ointment plus an MRI of the right shoulder “to rule out any serious damage to the joint”. The problem arose because the girl worked at her computer in her office for long hours every day, the doctor said.

l A newly married man with a decent job and every possible facility and comfort available at home and work often felt tired. As all his blood tests were normal, the doctor prescribed a few medicines for a month. Even after the course of medicines was over, the young man continued to feel a sense of fatigue all the time.

l A young executive in a famous company is a fat man. He goes for a walk every morning, but ends up at the bhel shop after the walk is over, to feed himself sumptuous portions of the spicy and oily delight, thus nullifying all his good work.

WE OFTEN come across many such examples -- of young people tired, or with sprained muscle, or with an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, or an inability to work for long hours ...! All these young people from ages 18 to 35 years generally have a negative response to the question if they engage themselves in a regular exercise. “Where is the time for exercise?”, most of them ask with a little indignation. This response indicates their refusal to think rationally.

This is a major issue with a shockingly massive number of young people in our society. Most of them do not take any physical exercise on a regular basis. And because of a lack of such an activity, they develop tendencies towards muscular pain or sprain or fatigue or lack of general enthusiasm. If only they take regular exercise for just a few minutes without a gap, they will be able to live a healthier life.

Unfortunately, they are the people who refuse to think rationally to carve out a small time-slot in their daily schedules for well-planned physical exercise. They refuse to realise that a regular physical exercise would strengthen their muscles and bones and that will eliminate most possibilities of small sprains and pains and give them a healthy living.

Yet, when some trouble arises, these young people approach their doctors who is turn suggest medicines etc, but rarely insist upon exercise without any medicine. And if a doctor happens to do this, then the young people do not listen to his wise counsel. For, to take some time out for exercise does not match their thinking.

There is another side, too, to this story. There are not many advocates of physical exercise in our society. We may see growing numbers of people out in the parks and grounds for morning or evening exercise. Yet, their number is too small against the overall number of people we have in our society. There really are not many people who would act as ambassadors of goodwill promoting exercise as part of routine. This is one of the causes of our young people straying from the good path of physical exercise in a planned manner.

If only these young people take time of just a few minutes for exercise like Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations), for example, then they will be able to attain better health and enjoy a healthy life without sprains and pains. But how to bridge the gap of ‘if only ...’!