Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 May 2018 11:24:02




Good and bad, right and wrong are merely interpretations that we attach to experience. As with all opposites, we cannot have one without the other. Likewise good health and illness are opposite states that support us to experience both the sides of existence. We cannot experience one without knowing the other. We cannot experience up without down, left without right, good without bad, happy without sad and so on.

All of life’s experiences present themselves as tools for our own creation. It is entirely up to us to decide how we will experience any aspect of life as it presents us with an opportunity to decide who we choose to be. Living responsibly means interpreting that we are the source of everything that shows up around us in life. On some level, we have attracted whatever it is for a reason. Likewise, we have the ability to attract something different if we decide that what we have attracted does not serve us. We have the power to manifest everything in our lives.

It is up to us to manifest those things that are consistent with the profile of the person we desire to become. There was a wise man in a village at whose doorstep people gathered to hear some wisdom. Suddenly, a spiritual man from outside came and people gathered to listen to him. Every day the crowd thickened.

One day, the local wise man went out to hear what the visitor was talking about. He heard the visitor talking about happiness which is merely a state of mind. There is nothing to argue or debate about happiness being a state of mind. The visitor said that everyone can be happy if the mind is tuned to the desired level. The wise man of the village understood the philosophy and instead of arguing, he agreed to whatever the visitor said.

All our progress in life is an unfolding like the flower bud. You have first an instinct, then an opinion, then a knowledge as the plant has a root, bud and the fruit. Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason. The survivor is about a person who really knows how to trust his basic animal instinct.

When people are thrown into life threatening situations, those who can abandon their judgements and rely totally on their instincts make it while others do not. Only human beings tell themselves that seeking pleasure for its own sake is bad. No plant grows into darkness; everything leans towards light. During World War-I, French Commander General Foch took a terrific beating. Many soldiers were killed. He sent a message which became famous in history. The message was “My centre is giving away my right is pushed back; situation excellent and I am attacking.” Perseverance gives power to weakness.

Have a goal and hold on to it. Like Christopher Columbus wanted to discover the Indies and discovered the New World in spite of odds. In fact, all men are ordinary till that awareness comes that he is extra-ordinary. Build a winning image. Gautam Buddha said: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with intent to throw it at someone but you are the one who gets burnt. When his factory was burnt Andrew Carnegie said: “Take away my people but leave my factories, soon Grass will grow on the factory floors. Take away my factories but leave my people and soon, we will have new and better factories”.

German Chancellor Konrad Adenaur once told a reporter: “A person can get ahead by making himself important in the job at hand. Then he will not have to look for the next higher job. It will be offered to him.” A man remarked to polish pianist Paderowski “You have lot of patience to play as well as you do.” He replied “Not at all. I have no more patience than others. It is that I use mine.” Life in itself has no value. We have to decide whether our tenure or duration on this planet should be a privilege, joy or misery and despair. It is our choice because it is our life. We can make it bright or dark. Life is a building process.

What you do today affects what you will get tomorrow. Life is just a 24 hour affair. Today’s effort creates tomorrow’s results. Abraham Lincoln knew that slavery will never be abolished, if people just talk about it. A war had to be fought to abolish slavery. Martin Luther King (Junior) knew that people should get out, make noise, stir things up, enact legislation if the blacks in America want equality. Winston Churchill figured that you don’t bargain or argue with Nazis, you have to resist. A movement has to start, action taken and things will happen.