Mango sellers suffer heavy losses due to rains

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 May 2018 12:36:43


Business Bureau

THE mango sellers got a surprise when unseasonable rains that lashed the city took its toll and caused heavy damage to the mango fruit which was loaded in a large number of trucks at the Kalamna Wholesale Market on Saturday.
About 40 to 50 trucks loaded with mangoes that were parked in open area in the marked yard were drenched in water and eventually got damaged. Moisture causes the fruit to rot and decompose. “Due to the heavy rains on Saturday the mango fruit sellers suffered heavy losses,” said one of the wholesalers on the condition of anonymity while talking to The Hitavada.

The damaged mangoes do not get good price and will have to be sold at half the prevailing rates in the market said the wholesaler. The demand for such mangoes falls to a significant extent as people also do not prefer to buy such spoilt mangoes. Many traders in the market also anticipate that if the showers continue it could cause more damage to the mango produce in the market. The prices of most of the varieties of mangoes are flying high in the current season as mango growing regions in the country have recorded less than expected yield in the current season.

Experts in the field and those trading the fruits said that deficient rainfall and other unfavourable climatic conditions have resulted in drop in production. “Mango growing farmers are unable to supply enough quantity of fruit and thus there is a short supply in the markets,’ said one of the wholesalers, on a condition of anonymity. He said that the current year’s mango yield is roughly 30-40 per cent less than the previous season. “Its impact is clearly visible on the prices that have gone up in the same proportion,” he said. Some of the most sought after mango varieties are the Bainganpalli, Dasheri and Tota Palli which arrive in the city from places in South India especially from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The mango prices are being quoted between Rs 30 per kg and Rs 50 per kg as compared to Rs 15 per kilo and Rs 25 per kilo in the previous year.

Nagpur is a big transit hub as it is centrally located in the country and hence mangoes in large quantity arrive here. Mangoes are supplied to many places in North India including Haryana, New Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, North East and even exported to Nepal.Last year about 300 trucks of mangoes used to arrive per day here in the Kalamna Wholesale Market. However, in the current season, the number of trucks arriving here has dipped by almost 40-50 per cent. “We are now seeing only 150 - 200 trucks coming here per day which is quite less than the actual demand for the fruit,” said another wholesaler who preferred not to
be quoted.