PM urges people to shun plastic to save planet

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 May 2018 09:32:43



He asked the people to observe the World Environment Day on June 5 with vigour, and that it was time to concentrate on tree plantation

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the people to shun low-grade plastic and polythene, saying it was creating a negative impact on the environment, wildlife and the health of the people. He asked the people to observe the World Environment Day on June 5 with vigour, and that it was time to concentrate on tree plantation.

Planting saplings is not enough, people should ensure that they care for a plant till it becomes a tree, Modi said.
“Protecting environment and being sensitive towards nature should come naturally. The recent dust storms accompanied by rains was unseasonal. The climate pattern led to the loss of life and property. It is a result of change in weather pattern,” he said in his monthly ‘Mann ki baat’ radio address.

“Whenever we face a torrid summer, or floods, incessant rains or unbearable cold, everybody becomes an expert, analysing global warming and climate change. But does empty talk bring about any solutions? Being sensitive towards nature, protecting nature, should come naturally to us; these virtues should be embedded in our ‘sanskar’ (culture),” the Prime Minister said.

He said India was proud to host the World Environment Day this year, which is a major achievement for the country. It, he said, was an acknowledgment of India’s efforts to lead the world in reducing the effects of climate change.

“The theme this year is ‘beat plastic pollution’. I appeal to you not to use low grade plastic and polythene and understand the importance of the theme. It (use of plastic) leaves a negative impact on our nature, the wildlife and our health,” Modi said.

He said when the country speaks of climate justice or plays a major role in the Cop21 and Paris agreements or when it unites the whole world through the medium of International Solar Alliance, they all are rooted in fulfilling the dream of Mahatma Gandhi.”On this environment day, let all of us give it a good thought as to what can we do to make our planet cleaner and greener. What innovative things can we do,” he said.

Modi also referred to the International Yoga Day on June 21. Quoting an ancient text, he said practicing yogic exercises on a regular basis leads to imbibing benefic attributes which stand by our side like relatives and friends. The practice of yoga leads to building up of courage, which always protects us like a father. The practice of yoga leads to germination of a sense of forgiveness in the same manner as a mother has for her children and mental peace becomes our permanent friend, Modi said.

The Prime Minister appealed to the people to adopt the legacy of yoga and create a healthy, happy and harmonious nation.
PM pays homage to Nehru, Savarkar: PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday paid homage to Jawahar Lal Nehru on his death anniversary and hailed the contribution of Veer Savarkar for disapproving suggestions that events in 1857 were merely a “sepoy mutiny”.

“On Sunday is May 27, the death anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji. I render my pranam to Pandit ji. Memories of this month are also linked with Veer Savarkar,” he said in his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio address. He recalled that in May 1857, Indians had displayed their strength against the British.

“It is indeed sad that we kept on calling the events of 1857 only as a rebellion or a soldiers’ mutiny for a very long time. In fact, May 1857 was not only evaluated as a minor historical incident but was also an attempt to dent our self-respect. “It was Veer Savarkar who boldly expostulated by writing that whatever happened in 1857 was not a revolt but was indeed the first war of independence,” he said.
Modi recalled that Savarkar, along with his band of brave hearts, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first war of independence with great fanfare at the India House in London.

He said while Savarkar is renowned for his bravery and his struggle against the British Raj, but he was also a striking poet and a social reformer who always emphasised on goodwill and unity. Savarkar is credited with coining the term Hindutva to create a collective “Hindu” identity as an essence of India. The Prime Minister also wished people on Eid which would be celebrated in a few days. “I hope that the festival of Eid will further strengthen the bonds of harmony in our society. Heartiest felicitations to all of you,” he said.

Schools, organisations should encourage traditional sports, says Modi: STRESSING that traditional Indian sports like kho-kho and gilli-danda were “fading into oblivion”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged schools and youth organisations to promote them. “Sports and games that were once a part and parcel of every child’s life, in every lane in the neighbourhood, are fading into oblivion. These games used to be a special feature of summer holidays,” the Prime Minister said.

“Children used to play with exuberant abandon for hours together. Some games saw the participation of the whole family,” he said. Naming pitthoo, kho-kho, gilli-danda, lattoo, kite flying as few among others, Modi said these games were an “inseparable part of every child’s life from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Kutch to Kamrup”.