Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 May 2018 10:01:21

Instagram is one of the most on-air applications nowadays in the cosmos. Well this is not only for entertainment purpose but also for making strong contacts, doing business and getting followers to flaunt your popularity.

In the heaven, there lived three goddesses- Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga and Lord Krishna. They were busy handling their Instagram account on the mobile phones during lunch time. Lord Ganesha enthusiastically stood up and proclaimed, “See I have five million followers.”

Lord Krishna, in response to Lord Ganesha, said, “Not bad, my fatty friend. In spite of your protruding stomach you have such a good fan following. But all in vain, My boy, I’ve got eight-and-a-half million followers across the world and not just that take a look at my female fan-following. They’re more than six million and all are even ready to marry me.”

“You are such a Casanova, just because you know how to play flute, which fascinates every girl around. You think you can do anything,” said Lord Ganesha.
“Why are you losing your energy in being envious of me, instead try doing some ‘pranayam’ (yoga) and all stuff. At least, you’ll lose some of your belly fat,” said Lord Krishna.

“Oh! Come on. Look at these comments on my post. A girl has written- ‘O Ganu. My love, you look so cute with your chubby cheeks…’ And not just this, my female fan has commented- ‘Cuteness overloaded’ on a post with Maa Parvati,” said Lord Ganesha.

“Yeah! Yeah! Kids get impressed with these kind of comments but man like me gets comments like- ‘Will you marry me?’, ‘You are so charming’ and so on… In spite of knowing the fact that I'm already indulging in so many relationships. This is real popularity man,” said Lord Krishna.

While Lord Krishna and Ganesha were quarrelling in the middle of the scene Goddess Durga interrupted the two of them.

Goddess Durga didn’t listen to both of them, She starts flaunting about her followers on Instagram. “You guys are fighting with just five to eight followers and you think it’s a big deal. Grow up guys! I’ve got 25 million followers. Still I crave for more fans. I’ve nine personalities in all 25 million divided by nine is equal to two point something million each, is it even fair? I try so hard to carry myself but today people don’t even look at us or they have lost faith in me,” said Goddess Durga.

Lord Krishna and Ganesha were convinced by what Durga had said. The three lost in their thoughts.
Finally, after 30 minutes of silence, Lord Ganesha breaks the ice and says, “I’ve an idea to gain more followers. Both of them stood up and listened to Ganesha carefully. We’ll create a page on Instagram named ‘Three_in_One’ and we all will post our pictures and various offers for the human beings. As soon as the whole world starts following us, we’ll tell this to our peer Gods, whoever has this problem.
Immediately, they created the group and started posting their pictures with captions like- ‘Working on your future’, ‘Had a talk with Yam Raj’, and so on.

One day Lord Ganesha posted an offer, ‘Whosoever will increase our followers will never suffer from hunger.’
Next day, they all watched their followers and were ecstatic by looking at the response. They jumped off their seats and hugged each other. After some days there was no response from the public and they decided to throw one more offer.
Lord Krishna posted, ‘Whosoever will increase our followers five times will be blessed with a good love life.’
Now, this post got featured with a positive response from all over the world.

Next was Goddess Durga. She posted on Instagram, ‘Whosoever will increase their followers, ten times will be blessed with strong self-defense power.’
All the three posts worked well and received a good response but for a certain time span and then everyone forgot.

The three Lords then understood that people in today’s world are all selfish they come to God only if they want something and not when everything is going well in their lives.
Disappointed the three deactivated the ‘Three_in_One’ page and swore not to fight among themselves for the people are self-centered and heedless to Gods’ feelings.

Tejaswini Thote
B.A, LAD College