The month of results!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 May 2018 10:35:01

APRIL, May and June... summer splashes wait for you to enjoy and also to face the outcome of endless hard work for which you put your entire life. It’s quite weird, isn’t it? Many sleepless nights or a bit negligence, all to be paid attention in one single day. The D-Day. As the board exam results are round the corner, it sure must be a difficult phase for the 12th and the 10th pass-outs. This crucial time hurts pretty much, as students cannot focus on anything else but the results. Summer time madness becomes a little hectic and the wait never ends.

The most annoying question most people ask is when the results will be out. I personally think that a student should never be asked that. But we all do, knowing or unknowingly. And I don’t blame anybody for this, because this is a natural tendency. Isn’t it? We all get overexcited for seeing what the house next door has, probably what our seniors or juniors have done. And from our own perspective, we think it’s okay, but to our surprise it never is. We can never imagine but yes it does put the student in a dilemma. In a situation they never wished to be in, and eventually, they surpass the feeling of stress, and that’s how it goes.

All we think of is to score what we have expected, and sooner or later society considers our success as a failure. One step ahead to take things seriously, we get into a position we never wanted to be at. Results are indeed as important as the exams are, what should be ignored is the unimportant regret and the never asked comments. We live in an era where the youth hates to be judged. Probably because, words have a better impact than actions.

I am no optimist, neither am I a pessimist. I am only a teenager, who has the same experiences. Results should never scare a student. This is what I believe. The fear of failure should be there in life, but should never get into one’s mind. To be very honest, results put oneself in a place which is even more dreadful than hell itself. This is a period for everybody who have put their whole heart, mind and soul in whatsoever field, and are waiting for the outcome, this is the time for them to not be scared of anything. Be it whatever, if you know you’ve been honest in your work, your result would be great. I’d say to all my readers that, never worry for what the future will bring, tomorrow is still hours away. Make your present worthy, this will be of some count today.

To everyone, waiting for their much awaited reports. I wish you all the luck and I wish you no fears. A positive attitude will lead you to every path with shining flags, no matter how many obstacles wait for you in between fall and fail.









Anchal Bhatia 

  • Std. XII