JMC evacuates shops in Ghantaghar market

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 May 2018 10:38:06



Staff Reporter

The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) anti-encroachment squad demolished its zone office near Ghantaghar and then started bid for evacuating the shops of Abad Market on Wednesday afternoon. It was assumed that the JMC had given the shopkeepers two days ultimatum to get their goods out of the shops and evacuate the market. The anti-encroachment squad, along with officers, arrived at the spot on Wednesday and pressurised them to evacuate the market in the afternoon. However, affected shopkeepers had debate with the JMC officers over the payment of the premium for opening shops at alternative spot, due to which they got agitated. In the meantime, the senior Corporator Vinay Saxena also arrived at the spot and started opposing the evacuation of shops without providing alternative spot to shopkeepers.

The traders argued that they have been doing business here since last many years and ousting them all of a sudden is injustice. When the traders were ready to evacuate the spot, it was the duty of JMC to provide them alternative spot as per the promise made by JMC. However, the condition of paying premium by traders was also added by JMC at the last moment, which agitated the traders. Finally, it was decided that the shopkeepers would only pay the amount for construction of shops at alternative spot for them. The Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Rakesh Ayachi, Rajveer Nayan and others held talks with the traders and after intervention by the higher officers, they were convinced.
The action is being taken to construct new zone office and modern auditorium in place of Ghantaghar market under the Smart City Project.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner Rakesh Ayachi said that shopkeepers are now convinced about evacuating the spot and they also agreed to sustain the expenditure incurred in construction of shops at new spot.
The shops are being evacuated in order to get new modern auditorium constructed on that spot near the Naya Muhalla School, Ghantaghar Zone Office.