Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 May 2018 12:22:09









PROVIDING finance to non-corporate, non-farm small and micro enterprises was always a serious matter given the politics played in the schemes floated to help such sectors. Tiding over this tokenism the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana has achieved immense success in inclusive finance, benefits of which are visible in small and micro businesses. Over 12 crore beneficiaries have walked an unconventional path by setting up small business through loans worth Rs six lakh crore. This is a major shift towards responsible finance and inclusive growth of the non-corporate sector through the Mudra scheme. The Narendra Modi-led Government was keen on changing the dreary atmosphere prevailing in banking system that was averse to granting loans to small businesses. Mudra scheme and Jan Dhan Yojana have provided solution to a dogma. Appropriate funding to the small sectors has not only helped in launching of new ventures but has also acted as job multiplier. In turn, it has also brought focus on an unexplored sector that can play a major role in boosting economy.


THAT toss of the coin is to continue in Test cricket, is good news by any standard. For, right from the toss of the coin, romance of cricket, that tantalising uncertainty, starts. So, the toss changes everything -- the gameplan, the batting order, the bowling strategy, the field-placement ...! Just winning the toss does not make much difference, if the opportunity of choice is squandered. For, even a lost toss can trigger a greater resolve in the other team to turn the tide, to overcome the loss of opportunity to make the first choice. In that condition is the first seed of cricket’s romance. In that moment -- of the first choice and subsequent winning action by any of the two sides -- lies the great thrill that only uncertainty can bring. So, when we talk of the glorious uncertainty of cricket, we start thinking from the moment of toss onwards. So, toss is integral to cricket, and must never be discontinued. It is good that authorities are deciding in favour of the toss of coin to start off a contest whose changing tides no one can predict in advance, your confidence notwithstanding.