No change in condition of Gotegaon-Jamunia road

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 May 2018 12:50:35


Our Correspondent,


The road between Gotegaon to Jamunia is in pathetic condition. The 8.30 kilometre road was constructed in the year 2003-2004 with an estimated cost of Rs. 173.56 lakh. But again one and half years back, this damaged road was constructed with heavy vehicle capacity with estimated cost of R 4 crore. But now after one year, the pathetic condition of road is telling its own story.
Still villagers are waiting for attention of the MLA and district administration.

The contractor carried out maintenance of this road for six years. After this maintenance was done for five years through tender of Rs 66 lakh was taken by M/s Jain Construction Company. According to which the company was to maintain the road till October 19, 2015.
For two years, the contractor carried out proper maintenance of the road but after that the blame game has started and the road maintenance has been kept aside. Everyday heavy vehicles with more than 36 tonne load are being moving on this road. Sand mafia is also active in this reason. But due to illegal mining and transportation the condition of road is in ruined condition.

At several places big potholes have developed and can be cause of any untoward incident. Shivam Construction Company has got tool work of mining sand from Jamuniya Ghat. The heavy trucks and dumper load with sand and many illegal vehicles are using from this road and causing lots of damage. It is becoming difficult for travellers to travel on this road. Big pot holes and at same place no road could be observed just gravel and dust. On this route culverts were also damage.

Students from village Jhalan, Jamuniya, Muaar, Hidki, Piparia, Choudhary Piparia passes to visit their schools. Number of times accident occurred and students were injured. Even an orders issued to contractor he is not paying attention toward government order. Letter has been written to officers of Prime Minister Rural Road and informed them about the pathetic condition of road But department has not taken any action in this regard till date. Last year SDM issued a notice that strict action would be taken against the over loaded trucks on this route. But only notice was issued no action being taken.

Villagers still hope that soon the public representatives and concerned department would redress their problems. With the publishing of this matter several times in newspaper no action taken by department yet.