Anchoring is fun

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 May 2018 11:16:24


By Sanya Pandey,

Whether it is the role of Kareena Kapoor’s sister ‘Roop’ in blockbuster movie Jab We Met or ‘Anita’ aka ‘gori mem’ in TV serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Saumya Tandon has created a niche for herself in both the industries. Saumya, who is currently hosting Entertainment Ki Raat Season 2 on Colors TV, told UNI in a conversation that the show is a fun and spontaneous format, where the anchor has more scope than just announcing and getting judges’ verdict.  “When Entertainment Ki Raat came my way, I thought I was missing the stage, mike and anchoring. Also, it’s a fun format, where the anchor has much more scope than just announcing and getting opinion of the judges. It was much more spontaneous and I had not done a interviewing format, which I think is an interesting thing to do,’’ she opined.

Asked which medium she likes the most- Bollywood or TV, the versatile actor said, “Well, I feel Indian cinema at this particular point in time is very exciting , because it is experimenting with the content, new talent, new directors and different kind of actors.”  “Television unfortunately has not moved ahead, so Indian television I would say is in kind of limbo, where not much exciting things are happening. Having said that it doesn’t really matter whether it’s TV or film, as long as content is good. I will be very very happy to do television, if the content is very good,’’ she said.

On web medium, Saumya said it is a brilliant platform. “I think it’s a brilliant platform. Everything is now digital and web series are gaining major popularity. I would love to be a part of a web series and I’m sure when I get the right offer I will take it up,’’ she said. “Like I said being an actor, I would not be bothered about the medium as much as I would be bothered over quality on the medium, because the medium is something, which is not in really in my hand. What the struggle for me as an actor would be a part of a really good content whether its web, TV, or films,’’ Saumya said.

Whether she thinks that web medium will bring a loss to the TV world, Saumya said it poses a huge competition to TV. “In fact with smart TVs, people prefer watching even TV shows at their leisure and there is much more variety on web then on TV. It’s a great trend since more competition will mean more choices for people and this will be good for actors,’’ she said. Saumya said she would love to work with Aamir Khan. “I like Aamir’s choice of scripts and admire his work,’’ she said. Talking about films that she will be seen in next, Saumya said, “If I get a good role with a script I will sign a film.’’