Heavy storm plunges villages into dark

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 May 2018 10:59:22


Our Correspondent


INCIDENTS of thunderstorm have reportedly wrecked havoc at several villages across Basna and Saraipali Blocks, causing continuous load shedding in the region.
Blowing of gusty winds followed by heavy downpour and hailstorm had disastrous impact at villages Lambar, Sagarpali, Bhavradadar, Kanshipali, Koksa, Rohina, Binchiya and Madhopali, resulting in uprooting of several gigantic trees, extensive damage to roofing, falling down of electric poles and destruction to standing paddy crop. As per information, strong velocity wind could with downpour completely annihilated the region’s electric supply, as power distribution lines had been completely destroyed. Numerous electric poles got uprooted, resulting in load shedding for a considerable period of time and power sub-stations including 132 KV sub-station at Saraipali, 33 KV sub-station at Sagarpali and 33 KV sub-station at Bhavarpur sustained significant damage. There had been a ‘black-out’ like situation in many villages. It is alleged that employees of Electricity Board had exhibited apathy over the situation by not picking up the telephone on time and not reaching the spot immediately despite numerous complaints registered by the suffering villagers.

Since the line man did not turn up on time, it had been noticed that villagers put their lives at stake and involved themselves in restoring power supply. As a matter of fact, there is only one line-man per forty villages, which is inadequate and not at all in proportion with the available electric connections. Previously, two line men were posted in the region, but with the transfer of line –man S R Sahu, the situation become worse. Huge burden had fell upon the lone line man, who use to strive hard for hours to find technical faults in the sub-station for restoring the power supply. For tackling this type of acute power crisis in the region, more recruitment of line men has to be done. As a result of the continuous load- shedding, the smooth supply of potable water in the region got severely crippled, also paralyzing the water pump feeder at villages Lumber, Binchiya, Dularpali, Rohina and Bhavradar. Consequently, villagers suffered from chronic water shortage. In fact, most of the water supply connections in the region were under Nal-Jal Yojna and private tube-well connections.
Villagers of Lambar and Kaapudeeh said that there were only two hand-pumps at their disposal, but owing to its less usage, it oozes contaminated red and yellow hued water, which is not worthy to be consumed. Therefore, they were heavily dependent on tube-wells for water, which is ineffective during load-shedding.

Furthermore, the hailstorm had severely damaged the standing paddy crop. Due to the load-shedding problem, there was a lack of smooth electric supply, making the tube-wells function ineffectively, and hampering the irrigation facilities in the region. This was detrimental for the standing ripe paddy crop. Till the report last, restoration of electric supply in, the affected areas was underway. Efforts were being made by the Power Distribution Company to ensure normalcy as early as possible.

On Thursday evening around 4 pm, the aggressive gust of wind severely damaged an old Peepal tree, situated by the side of Hanuman Temple in main road, breaking its branch which fell upon a nearby electric transformer. Resultly, four electric poles and 11 KVA electric lines got annihilated.
Few shops were operating underneath the tree. Falling of the branch created panicky amongst the shopkeepers and also damaged their property. Furthermore, a bee-hive was present on the branch.

The Bee-hive got broken, creating an atmosphere of terror amongst the localities present there. Moreover, it created traffic-jam on Sarseeva main road and disturbed the smooth movement of the vehicles. Police was immediately informed about the matter, which reached after a while to restore normalcy. It is alleged that numerous appeal had been made to the Sub-Divisional Officer, Divisional Forest officer and National Highway authorities for trimming the Peepal tree, but no needful action was taken. It is worth mentioning here that there are several shaky trees present in various parts of the town, which may cause any untoward incident if they are not trimmed.