MWRRA directs NMC to look beyond WRD for water needs

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 May 2018 10:31:27


Staff Reporter,

Reminding Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) of its promise made in 2005, Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) has told Corporation to end dependence on Water Resources Department for its needs of drinking water. NMC need to take this issue on top priority and create their own storage, the regulatory authority have stated while closing the petition of Adv. Ashish Jaiswal for final orders.  The Authority in its interim order given on April 27 asked NMC to prioritise construction of reservoirs to create water storage on their own. Shiv Sena leader Adv. Jaiswal petitioned MWRRA against illegal extension granted by WRD to 78 MM3 water quota in Pench Reservoir to NMC. MWRRA in its hearing has provided time of four weeks to NMC, WRD and petitioner to file written notes.

Adv Jaiswal had dragged NMC, WRD and Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) to MWRRA saying they have illegally diverted water from quota allotted to farmers in Pench Project. He has sought direction from MWRRA to end this reservation in Pench waters made for NMC. Also he sought supply of treated water to power houses in the Nagpur District instead and cancelling their reservation in Pench's water. He argued that additional allocation of 78 Mcum was meant to be temporary and by year 2005 NMC had promised to create alternative sources for its drinking water needs.

MWRRA chaired by K P Bakshi, Chairman, V M Kulkarni, Member (Water Resources Engineer) and Vinod Tiwari, Member (Law), heard the petition at length and have virtually put NMC in dock. The NMC which tried to have it own way has been clearly instructed to make amends and fall in line. NMC's counsel Adv. Sudhir Puranik arguing the case said that NMC will bring down leakages by year 2022 but failed to provide detailed road map. In same affidavit, civic body had the audacity to say that a definite deadline cannot be given at the moment and it is not in a position to ascertain the extend of expenditure to be incurred for reducing losses. In year 2017, MWRRA pegged water leakage at 15 per cent annually and directed NMC to bring it down by one per cent every year. If the leakage per cent is to go up then NMC should be penalise, said the orders of that time. Same was argued by Adv. Jaiswal in his fresh petition filed before MWRRA.