Alleging anomalies in wheat purchase, peasants submit memo to Collector

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 May 2018 09:42:15


Staff Reporter,

peasants led by MLA Nelesh Awasthi submitted a memorandum demanding to redress discrepancies in wheat purchase on minimum standard price to Collector Chhavi Bhardwaj. Peasants have stated that SMS system has been started to purchase cereal is proving a failure. Peasants are not getting SMS while those purchase centres which have been allocated to peasants via SMS are not functioning at present.

Consequently, other centres are not ready to purchase wheat from these peasants due to which peasants are wandering from pillar to post.
Enough cereal is not being cleaned due to less capacity of grader due to which peasants have to remain at centre for 2 to 3 days. The surveyor compels to clean even good quality wheat by sieve and in the name of FAQ parameters list, they take decision according to their will due to which time is wasted and peasants suffer.

Receipt of product is not being given to peasants due to which peasants have to wonder helter skelter. Despite weighing peasants have to stay at night for safety of their product. As per instructions of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, payment of cereal within 72 days and as per promise made by officers, 8 days time water determined. However, even after 25 days payment was not made for gram and pink beans weighing conducted on April 10, 2018, due to which peasants are suffering.

Whereas, peasants urgently need money at present so as to prepare for kharif season. Money is being realised from peasants for weighing and other things, while no money should be taken from peasants.

Action should be taken against such officers so that peasants’ extra expense of Rs 20 to Rs 40 will be saved. As per Collector’s instructions, weight of sacks should not be counted after weighing, which is 50.6 kg. Whereas, about 51.4 kg weight is being taken. Which is why action should be taken so that 1.5 kg extra weight’s compensation for peasants. Problem of transactions for older farmers by their relatives is done by transaction in joint bank account has been stopped due to which old peasants, disabled have to suffer. In absence of transport of weighed cereal at centres, remaining wheat kept at centres is being weighed as sacks are not available.