Cleanliness to be maintained near Ram Chajja rock art site

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 May 2018 10:07:28


Staff Reporter,

Good news for heritage rock art site lovers. Now, garbage will not dumped near Ram Chajja rock art site. Subsequent to the report published in ‘The Hitavada; on April 24 titled ‘Dumped garbage proving threat to existence of Ram Chajja rock art site’, now the Raisen Municipal Corporation has decided not to dump garbage near Ram Chajja rock art heritage site and to look for other isolated areas. Giving this information Rajeev Chaubey, archaeologist and convener of Bharatiya Itihas Sanklan Samiti, the organisation involving archaeologist scholars and localities pioneered in preserving rock art sites in State said that municipal corporation has agreed to their demands and in a public hearing session of district administration at Raisen on May 4, now this area will be kept clean and area will not used for dumping garbage since good number of international scholars visit this place.

Notably, the uniqueness of this rock art shelter is animal paintings which are very rare and it is exclusively found in the rock art belt in the area caters attention from many scholars including team from Spain, France, Germany, etc. The filthy foul smell was proving as hindrance to the scholars who came for detail research work. Earlier this year, a team from Spain were here to study and analysis of these rock art paintings know about the potentialities of rock paintings dating so that exact time frame of these paintings can be found out.

But the foul smell and garbage around road side was a challenge to over come.The state is having one of the richest zones in rock art heritage. Rock art sites have been reported from as many as 28 districts of the State. In Bhopal belt, the uniqueness about rock art is animal figures which are rarest of rare and also depict the kind of life existed during that time zone. The sites including, Hoshangabad, Raisen, Sagar, Mandsaur, Sehore and Bhopal account for the largest concentration of rock art sites. The rock art sites in this part are distributed in a variety of geological and ecological niches which in turn manifest in the thematic diversity of the rock art data. The other important sites in the State includes Bhimbetka group, Cheel Dant, Kathotia, Jaora etc