Nauradehi tiger radio collared successfully

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 May 2018 09:47:38


Staff Reporter,

Experts question re-transqualistion of tiger within 7 days

Experts team from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve radio collared the male tiger ‘Kishan’ of Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary who fled from enclosure within 18 hours on Saturday. The tiger has been set free in open wild while tigress ‘Radha’ is still roaming inside the enclosure.

“Team from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has successfully radio collared the tiger and set him free in wild. Now team is planning to set the tigress free in other area after radio collaring her. Both felines are healthy and team is monitoring them well,” said Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF), Nauradehi, Vikas Karan Verma. He refused to explain the radio collaring process of male tiger. The four-year-old male tiger broke the enclosure and set him free at Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary five days back. The team monitoring location of the tiger claimed that the tiger was roaming around his enclosure for four to five days. Process of radio collaring the tiger is being raised by wildlife experts and they said that team cannot radio collar the tiger without tranquilisation. Ajay Dubey, Secretary of Prayatna, said, the tiger was transqualised by Bandhavgarh team on April 30 and now they should not transqualised the tiger within seven days as it is harmful for his health.

According to forest officials, the tiger visited his enclosure on Thursday midnight and escaped behind woods. Experts team Bandhavgarh National Park and Panna Tiger Reserve was continuously monitoring the tiger. They said tiger is now wandering around the same area which he left earlier.
The tiger kept forest officials on toes as he broke the enclosure and ran away within 24 hours. The tiger was shifted at Nauradehi enclosure on Monday but he broke the enclosure and ran away on Tuesday evening. Three elephants were assigned to track the tiger and drive off him inside the enclosure.

Bandhavgarh Field Director Mridul Pathak earlier tranquilised the tiger on last Sunday for six hours now as per medical rules; tiger cannot be tranquilised again for next 10 days. Talking about the issue, CCF Vikas Sharan Sharma denied to comment and did not reveal tranquilisation of the tiger for radio collar. He said there is no issue if tiger went out of enclosure as he is made for wandering in open wild. Already there was also planning to set the tiger free in open after few days.

According to forest officials, the enclosure of tiger ‘Kishan’ was prepared by team of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Height of the enclosure is about 15 feet and depth of the pillar is about 3 feet from the ground. The enclosure is spread in 3 acre of land. RTI activists and NOGs said, tiger cannot jump the 15 feet of wall. They said either tiger has broken the net or he dug the pillars. They alleged that it is serious careless of forest officials as they failed to place stronger and qualitative net or placement of pillars in a better way. The female tigress brought from Kanha Tiger Reserve was kept in the same enclosure for 12 days.