These funny youngsters who refuse to think

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 May 2018 08:33:11






l Without doubt, he was a smart boy. Only recently he had found a good job for himself, in a reputed company. The job needed certain training, which he was getting on job from his experienced and good-hearted seniors. There was no ragging, no undue questioning, no harassment of any type. The boy came to office, sat at his work-station, started his mandated work under the gaze of his seniors. He was not brilliant in his work, but the seniors hoped that in due course of time, with appropriate training, he would emerge successful. Then came a time when the management thought of accepting him on regular roles. The youngster, too, signed the official documents to accept an assignment on proper salary and perks etc. And as everything seemed going well, the boy came up with resignation. He did not want to work there. Then, did he have any other job assured? No, he hadn’t. Yet, he wanted to leave. Everybody was just aghast. Why was he committing such a blunder in a tight job market in which he has not got any assurance of the next job? 

l This anecdote is about another youngster who got a job involving shift duty. He needed to work in evening shifts at least for three days of the week. He worked for sometime to his seniors’ satisfaction. Then one evening, he declared that he could not work in the evenings as he missed his friends who stood at street corners, smoked and wasted their time. No amount of counselling helped, and the boy left.

l One girl in her early twenties, too, got a fine job that involved working in the evening or even in nights. The firm was reputed, and there was a pick up and drop facility, too. But the girl did not want to avail that facility. She wanted only a 10-to-5 job. In that case, why did she accept the job in the first place? -- her seniors asked her. She had no answer. She also left a really good job. COUNTLESS horror stories like these are available around us to show how youngsters in big numbers refuse to think logically about vital issues of life in crucial stages of their early journey. They refuse to think. They refuse to listen to wise counsel. They follow their instincts that often land them in some or the other trouble. Yet, they refuse to budge.

Why do they behave in such a manner?

To this question, there is no logical answer. But factually, we see such youngsters in countless numbers all around us. They have only one motto -- never to listen to what their elders or seniors tell them. In their young lives, other people’s wisdom seems to have no place at all. For, when their parents tell them to stay away from cell-phone addiction, they close their ears. When the elders ask them to live with a sense of hygiene, they just ignore them. When the seniors at workplace urge them not to indulge in bad habits such as smoking or drinking, they --these youngsters -- decide that the seniors are idiots. When an elderly woman counsels young girls on how to dress properly, they just laugh at the old woman. And occasionally, some youngsters even go to the extent of spitting out sharp words: “Abe buddhe, chal nikal apne raaste” (Ae old man, just get lost).

This is just as shocking as anything else can be. The human community has seen since time immemorial generations of youngsters who did not behave in such a manner. Then, why is this happening now? What is the reason for such a conduct on part of a good number of our youngsters?

These questions may seem simple, but their answers are not. Looking for answers to these questions often involves a nerve-wrecking effort to analyse this decay in our society. This is one issue that we will have to tackle with all our wisdom at command.