‘Unethical practices in name of democracy will not be tolerated’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 May 2018 15:31:20


Staff Reporter,

“UNETHICAL practices in the name of democracy will not be tolerated to protect the Right to Equality in the nation. The Government has constitutional right to enforce reasonable restrictions on external forces to maintain fundamental values in the country. Knowledge and sacrifice is culture of India and there is no place for class system in Indian democracy,” said Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha and Senior Economist Subramanian Swamy while addressing Devrishi Narad Patrakarita Puraskar Samaroh at Hotel Gulzar on Sunday.

Countries like Iran, Iraq, Egypt and European countries were converted by Islam and Missionary in one or two decades. Even after slavery of Islam for 700 years and British rulers for 200 years, India firmly believes in unity in diversity and boasts of a rich culture and heritage. Citizens should respect the rich culture and value of equality for true development of the country, he added.

Lashing out at Gandhi family, MP Swamy charged that they have no faith in Indian Constitution and democratic system as Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi tried to rule the country by enforcing Emergency. Names of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar were proposed for first Bharat Ratna in 1953 but the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru recommended his own name for Bharat Ratna.

He mentioned that some extremists and divisive forces who are trying to separate the country in the name of religion will no longer exist.
MP Swamy further informed that a study by NASA on artificial intelligence has proved that Sanskrit is the only language in the world which is best in pronunciation and expression of thoughts. Special session of Sanskrit is conducted at noted St Johns School, London, for better intellectual growth of children. He suggested to revise education syllabus to inculcate good moral values of Indian culture in young generation. Indian culture emphasises on women empowerment as the country worships Laxmi as Goddess of Wealth, Saraswati as Goddess of Knowledge and Durga as Goddess of Valour. Ramayana and Mahahabharat are historic evidences of respecting women when Ravana was killed for abducting a woman and empire of Kauravs was demolished for insulting a woman. He made an appeal to the citizens of India to be united to respect their culture and tradition and eradicate anti-national practices in the country.