Jitendra reunites with family at Seoni

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 May 2018 15:48:44


Staff Reporter,

Villagers thronged his house on his return after languishing in Pakistani jail for 5 yrs

The non-descript hamlet Barghat of Seoni district was bustling with joy on Sunday when youth Jitendra Arjunwar, who was recently released from Pakistan jail, reached his home and got reunited with family. Villagers thronged to his house to become testimony of his return to his home after languishing in Pakistani jail for five years.

Villagers were curiously seeing the frail looking Jitendra Arjunwar, whose eyes were twinkling with happiness by finding himself among his family once again. People came in hordes at his home to see him and shared the feeling of happiness. When contacted, ASP Gopal Khandelkar said to “The Hitavada” that Jitendra came from Delhi by train on Sunday. He was later sent to his home.

“Jitendra received warm welcome on arrival in Seoni and in his village Barghat. Locals came to see him. As he is ill, hence did not speak to anyone at length,” said ASI Rajesh Sarate who was part of police team which took Jitendra till his house.
It is learnt that Jitendra is suffering from some blood related disease since childhood. Even when he was released from Pakistan recently, he was looking frail, wearing mask and walking with the help of a crutch.

It was ASI Rajesh Sarate and brother of Jitendra, who went to Delhi to bring back Jitendra to Seoni after being released from Pakistan. It was in 2013 that Jitendra’s missing complaint was lodged with local police station. When Pakistan inquired about his background of Seoni, it was then that Seoni administration came to know that Jitendra had unknowingly crossed over to Pakistan and there, he was lodged in a jail. Later on, Seoni police and administration remained in constant touch with Ministry of External Affairs and Pakistan embassy and provided necessary documents to prove his nationality. His is a labour class family, living in a thatched mud house.