fact to fore

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 May 2018 12:47:40

LET us hope that the members of the so-called ‘Fact Finding Committee’ of ‘intellectuals’ have understood the facts that came to fore when they went to the jungles of Gadchiroli to investigate the details of what they termed as a fake encounter in which the Police killed 40-plus innocent tribals who were part of a ‘wedding party’. Holding aloft placards denouncing the efforts to call the encounter as fake and asking critical questions to the ‘intellectuals’, countless numbers of tribals and locals surrounded the members and told them what the truth was. They asked one question repeatedly: “Why don’t you come to the jungles to find facts when the Naxals kill us?” Obviously, the attempts of the so-called ‘intellectual’ members of the so-called ‘Fact Finding Committee’ had to face a hard reality-check which they had least anticipated. And even as the tribals exposed them, the members also learned about the posters and banners that the Naxalites displayed at several places in the sprawling area resolving to avenge the killing of their cadres by the cops. Let us hope, at least now, these so-called ‘intellectuals’ will stop their deplorable attempts to establish that the Gadchiroli encounter was fake. 

It is unfortunate that a lobby of pseudo-intellectuals is all the time at work in India trying to denounce the Government and security forces. This lobby is all the time trying to establish that whatever the Government does is wrong. In that effort, this lobby works overtime to establish that the Left Wing Extremists and other terrorists are doing no wrong and that their fight against the State of India is justified. The Gadchiroli experience, however, has nailed their lie completely, exposing this unholy lobby’s dirty designs.

Very gory facts, too, are emerging from the jungles -- about how the Naxals conduct themselves in the most cruel manner, not minding even to drink human blood, of how they kill innocent tribal youngsters and pregnant women, of how they slit the throats of whom they unilaterally describe as police-informers, of how they use tribal children as human shields, how they avenge the tribals for taking part in salwa judum (tribal movement against Naxalism) by killing youths in tribal villages ...! By now, the whole nation has realised how the Left Wing Extremists have tried to create a fear psychosis in the minds of tribals and local officers of the Administration and even police.

In the past some time, however, concerted national efforts to fight back systematically have pushed LWE into a tight corner. Howsoever hard they may try, the Naxalites or Maoists have realised that the people and the Government are united against their waging of a war against the constitutionally and historically established State of India and its legally and democratically elected Government. The Naxal influence is on the wane everywhere, the Maoist leadership is beginning to realise this, though to its own discomfiture. That explains why they are now trying to re-arm themselves with better weapons and how they would plan fresh wave of attacks and ambushes -- in the hope of getting back their hold in India’s hinterland.

Whatever they may do, the Left Wing Extremists are slated to lose their battle. Whatever they may say and whatever their ‘intellectual’ supporters may propagate, the facts that are coming to fore about the Naxalite cruelty and shamelessness are turning the common people against them all over the country. The so-called ‘Fact Finding Committee’ must see this real and larger picture. However, it can achieve that realisation only when the ‘intellectual’ lobby assumes a non-partisan approach and looks at the stark reality that is pushing Naxalism back to the brink of defeat. Of course, the war against LWE is a long haul, but early signs of the defeat of Naxalism are clearly visible.