Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 May 2018 11:34:55









EVEN while the so called intellectuals and supporters of Maoists cry foul over the gunning down of 40 Naxalites by Gadchiroli police, the Union Government has taken a welcome decision to choke the flow of funds to the left extremists. This is a clear message to the sympathisers of the Maoists, that the Government will not pay any heed to these recalcitrant voices which have no sympathy for the agony of those whose near and dear ones are mercilessly being killed by the brutal leftist forces. Hence the Government’s decision to set up a high-powered multi-disciplinary committee of various central agencies shows its determination to clamp down hard on the left extremist forces. News is making rounds all over the country that while the illiterate cadres toil in hard conditions, the progenies of the Maoists leaders are being sent for higher education at expensive educational institutions. The Government’s focus seems to be on snapping the route of extortion money. Business people, corporate houses and even Government officials will heave a sigh of relief if the Government succeeds in its mission.