Unhygenic conditions in RTMNU: A major reason of frequent fire cases in campus

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 May 2018 09:33:45


By Ajay Mardikar,

Frequent fire in the vast campus of RTM Nagpur University has raised several questions about cleanliness of the campus and its security. On Saturday the garbage behind the Department of Botany caught fire, which spread from the forest behind Ambazari tank, made the university officers to run for defusing the fire.Similar situation was reported a few months back.

One of the major reasons for frequent fire is garbage, which is not removed regularly. The insanitary condition can be seen near various university departments in the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Campus on Amvarati Road. The most unhygienic condition is the canteen premises. A large number of pigs, stray dogs could be seen near the canteen. The area around canteen is full of garbage. Besides plastic bottles, plates, left over are thrown behind the canteen. This invite a large number of pigs and stray dogs to the camps.

The campus is near Humanities Building and Department of Psychology. The stink emanating can be felt in these departments also. The Department of Botany has maintained its garden very well. However, the garbage behind is dumped, which easily catches fire.
Plastic bottles and packets can be seen strewn in gardens, including the one reserved for endangered plants from Vidarbha region.

The responsibility of keeping the premises clean is responsibility of general Administration Section. The gardens in the premises are under the Garden Superintendent. The quarter of the Superintendent in the campus itself has lush green garden, whereas the gardens in the campus are dry and full of plastic waste.

The University has outsourced the responsibility of cleaning the departments. However, the premises is not the responsibility of the hired agency.
Besides the Phule camps, heap of garbage can also be seen near the main library in Ramdaspeth. The passage from Library to adjoining Poornachandra Buty Hall is full of garbage, which also is a threat to the library, if the garbage catches fire.

It appears that the debris has not been cleaned by the University for several years. With the new administrative building and Vasantrao Naik Hall coming up in the campus area, the footfall is sure to increase. The post-graduate hostel premises near the campus also is littered with garbage. The unhygienic condition in the hostel kitchen is a consistent problem and the students have been raising the issue almost every year.

With NAAC re-assessment next year around September, the university will carry out cosmetic changes. But to maintain cleanliness in the premises needs consistent efforts on the part of the university.