Addiction is enveloping the nation, says Dr Yousuf Memon

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jun 2018 11:26:04



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Oncologists from Raipur are calling for increased focus on breast cancer in older women, warning the diseases in older women are usually diagnosed at much advanced stage.Explaining the need of higher awareness of breast cancer amongst older women, Dr Yousuf Memon (Director & Cancer Surgeon-Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital, Raipur) said, “It is now well established that advancing age increases a woman’s breast cancer risk. Few people are aware that advancing age can bring with it several health complications, which when present alongside breast cancer, complicate treatment regimens and effect overall prognosis. Women must take charge of their health from the start, be aware of their breast cancer risk and report any abnormal changes they observe at the earliest.”

Dr Aniket Thoke (Clinical Oncologist-Sanvjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital Raipur) stated, “Considering the large number of older women diagnosed with breast cancer in the country, it is crucial that we examine and improve current breast cancer screening and treatment interventions. It is unfortunate that this section of the population is under-represented in clinical trials for new drugs and treatment regimens. This is why early detection and routine screenings amongst this group is a key to detecting breast cancer early and must be encouraged at all levels in India.”

Dr Piyush Shukla (Radiation Oncologist-Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital, Raipur) commented, “We have ample evidence to show that as women age, the composition of their breast tissue changes. These changes increase their breast cancer risk and make them susceptible to more aggressive forms of breast cancer. I would like to encourage women to be aware of their breast cancer risk. Opt for regular breast cancer screening tests after the age of 40, and most importantly, learn to conduct self breast examinations. These simple measures will ensure that breast cancer, if present, is detected early and treated with more favourable prognosis.

A power point presentation on the hazards of tobacco product consumption was also given at the press conference on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.
Dr Yousuf Memon informed that addiction is enveloping the nation and even the younger generation is falling into this trap from a tender age. What starts as a fun in school time transforms into a fatal addiction overtime. It not just harms the body, but also your mind and put economic burden. Tobacco products and the diseases they cause claims life of 2400 persons everyday in the nation and around Rs 7 billion rupees are spent on the treatment.

Dr. Arpan Chaturmohata (Cancer Surgeon) told about the ten harmful effects of tobacco products such as erosion of teeth, enzymes unbalance, stomach issues, insomnia, and harmful effects on foetus in pregnant women, infertility, mouth cancer, and incurable cardiac ailments.Dr Aniket Thoke also highlighted many other harmful effects of tobacco products such as damaging lungs, kidneys, and weakening of bones.