Handicraft Devpt Corpn helps weaving business to restart

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jun 2018 10:19:10


Our Correspondent,


WEAVING business is once again at back track after Handicraft Development Corporation has started supplying raw materials and purchasing the cotton clothes. This business has been once traditional for Dewangan (Kosta)
community people but with the passage of time it has now become a source of livelihood for other communities also.

If sources are to be believed, at Mahamaya Weavers Cooperative Society of the town, 30 to 35000 meter polyester cotton gets weaved in a month. The woven cloth is used for towel, bedsheets and school dresses. Payment to the society members is provided by the corporation, which does not only provide raw material to the society but also purchases the finished goods in the form of clothes. A weaver is paid Rs 27.50 per metre.

A weaver has to weave 8 to 10-metres cloth daily on an average. Presently, around 140 weavers are engaged in the work which is proving a profitable business.

Earlier, the entire Dewangan community was engaged in the business and income was enough for their livelihood but saturation came in the year 1960-65 when market got flooded with power loom clothes. Being cost effective, the power loom business grabbed the market. Earlier, 300 families in Patan were engaged in cotton clothes. They used to knit clothes on Mangatha, a weaving instrument but in 1978 only 25 families were left and this again reduced to 8 families in 1991.

After almost a decade in 2001, Handicraft Development Corporation once again started providing raw material to weavers and purchasing the clothes. Without bothering about selling the clothes, there was gradual increase in number of weavers. At present, work is being done on 58 Mangatha (khatkhata) in society and weavers of Patan, Santara, Surpa besides many other villages are engaged in business. In figures, 78 Dewangan families are attached with this business.

As per information, 60% of 140 workers are women who were trained in 2008 for this particular work. These women are financially independent and meeting demands of their families.

Vyas Narain Dewangan, President of Mahamaya Weavers Society said that extended cooperation of Government had given a boom to business of weavers.
Waiver of loan to society, use of clothes in industries and many other steps have certainly improved the condition of weavers and business, he added.