Renewable Energy

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jun 2018 11:15:30











Power is something that will see a constantly rising demand due to growing industry and infrastructure need apart from the requirements and aspirations of a growing population.

Given the growing global warming scenario and specifically the choking situation of our cities, it is high time we switched to cleaner energy options and minimised our dependence on fossil fuels.

VICE PRESIDENT M Venkaiah Naidu said at a recent event that it was not possible to ensure the quality of life without electricity and asserted that renewable sources of energy should be explored. “People must make efficient and effective use of electricity as it is not renewable,” Naidu said in Lucknow while inaugurating a building of the UP state electricity regulatory commission.

The Vice-President also said it was the time that one considered regulating the demand for electricity apart from focusing on energy supply aspects such as production and distribution. He said that sources of energy resources were limited and “we should bring basic improvements in our lifestyle and make the environment energy efficient.”

There are two aspects the VP addressed here. One is the need for judicious use of electricity since it is a scarce resource. This also includes enhancing efficiency in production and lessening distribution losses, including pilferage and power theft. The second aspect is the stress on renewable energy sources which we need to explore and harness more aggressively. We are late starters in the renewable energy sector.

In fact, we realised the importance of renewable resources way back in the 90s, but thereon we slacked and faltered, which left us behind other countries. We could have taken a lead and set an example for largescale use of solar, wind and nuclear energy to propel our industries and automobiles and light up our streets and homes. But we are today grappling with power shortage and still running our plants by coal. This has to be changed.

Given the growing global warming scenario and specifically the checking situation of our cities, it is high time we switched to cleaner energy options and minimised our dependence on fossil fuels. Power is something that will see a constantly rising demand due to growing industry and infrastructure need apart from the requirements and aspirations of a growing population.

If we go on setting up coal-based power plants, in no time we will exhaust all our coal deposits, even if we let alone the huge pollution the plants will cause. Apart from solar and wind energy we will also need to renew our efforts in making the best use of the huge hydel and tidal power that is at our disposal. These areas are still largely unexplored in India but they hold huge potential to bring a sea change in society.

India’s energy production cost will reduce and distribution complexities ease once large-scale use of solar and wind energy or nuke energy is made and the mechanism prudently commercialised. We have an archaic system of power production and distribution which makes for a tardy process lacking efficiency. We need to adopt smarter ways by inducting more technology and innovations.

Millions of homes are still in the dark or are getting sporadic power supply off and on. This not only disturbs daily routine and affects studies of children but also renders mills, pumps, irrigation, internet etc useless for most of the time. Even most of our cities suffer outages and power pangs for hours every day due to transmission lacunae and distribution glitches.

It hits water supply and official work. Most of the glitches can be mended only if there is greater efficiency and accountability in handling the network. Power theft is a big issue which has not been effectively tackled. This causes huge revenue losses to the power companies which then fail to improve services citing lack of funds.

Several factors are so interlinked that one arm of a solution cannot be accessed without accessing the other. Therefore, it needs an overall view and a multipronged approach to tie up all the loose and odd ends to enhance the capability of power distribution system in the country. Our political leaders and policymakers need to have the vision and the spirit which can go a long way in changing the trend and alter people’s perceptions.

With people in high chairs like presidents and vice presidents advocating change and pitching for innovative forays, it is a very conducive ecosystem to start from. The NDA Government has from the very start made it a priority to explore smart energy options to shed the flab that encumbers traditional systems and make our living more in sync with developed societies. India must take cues from global innovators and embrace and adopt trailblazing developments in technology to bolster her energy mechanism and shape up things with a clear vision of future needs.

India’s vast land and water resources, her growing state-of-the-art infrastructure backbone, her tech-savvy youth, a huge English-educated population and adequate technical manpower along with a supportive and technically-oriented Government, imbues her with immense potential which if rightly exploited can prove a goldmine. India can not only have electricity sufficient to fulfill her domestic needs but also enough to export to other less ordained countries and solve their power crisis should we be able to make the best use of our resources.

There should be more accountability fixed on the power generators and sellers and there should be greater transparency in their dealings so that people get the right services which match what they are charged for. There are a lot of service-related complaints against power discoms which remain a perennial bone of contention between customers and companies.

These issues must be sorted out and the system made more robust and smart. People also need to be more involved and aware of the use and misuse of electricity and how they could contribute to minimising losses and saving the precious resource by correcting their ways of living. We as individuals have a big role to play in saving energy which we often neglect due to our lack of moral and ethical obligations. Some things cannot be enforced by law; they depend on our sensibility and fair judgement.

By the way, the greatness of any country largely depends on how evolved, informed and active its people are. They are the ones who raise their voice and bring changes through their opinions and right actions. We Indians too need to be more conscious of our actions and help the Government initiatives to fructify into effective ideals of sustainability. If we don’t take steps today for a sustainable development model, life will be difficult in the days to come.