dirty design

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jun 2018 11:13:55

EVEN as more and more evidence is available that Ultra Left Extremism (ULE) is getting defeated all over the country, the Maoists seem to be getting more and more disturbed and are planning to hit back at the Government and its leaders. A few years ago, they had attacked a convoy of Congress party leaders and killed many of them in Jiram Ghati in Chhattisgarh’s dense jungle area. And now, the cops have uncovered an alleged Maoist plot to assassinate Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. While Mr. Fadnavis got a letter of threat some time ago, the cops found a few papers, in the possession of some arrested Maoist ideologues, exposing a design to assassinate Mr. Modi. This revelation exposes the desperation of the Maoists and their various lobbies represented by arrested persons. 

Naturally, the Police will continue their investigations in this case. Even as this specific investigation goes on, the Government should expand the scope and scan of the probe and include other entities harbouring sympathy for Ultra Left Extremism and expose their unholy and anti-national plots. By now, the whole nation knows it well that those who promote ULE have waged a war against the constitutionally established State of India and legally formed Government of the land. They have taken to armed struggle to achieve their target and have not minded indulging in wanton violence often killing countless innocent civilians and also the cops doing their mandated duty of preserving internal security. The Government should take it as it primary duty to probe deeper into various Maoists actions and act tough in response to revelations the expanded probe would bring to fore.

For too long a time, the Maoists have thrived in India. This was possible because many in the Government were in sync with the Maoist and the Left-of-the-Centre ideology. There also were sharp differences of opinion at high levels of Government over how to handle the Maoists challenge. The Government had even Union Home Ministers who felt that the Maoists were “our own misguided children” who needed to be helped to come out of the life of crime. The Government also tried to counter Maoism or Naxalism by introducing thoughtless developmental programmes to counter the Maoist influence. All those efforts failed because they had been conducted without much planning and parallel action to curb the criminal side.

However, that approach should be abandoned quickly in view of the newer evidence available in the past few years. The Government will have to take the sternest possible measures and mount a frontal attack on Ultra Left Extremists at the earliest. The letter of threat to Maharashtra Chief minister, and the plot of assassination of the Prime Minister are not something that the cops and the Government can afford to ignore. For, the details now available with the cops are good enough to call for an emphatic response by the authorities.

It is time the Government planned an all-out aggression against Maoism not in terms of arms alone but also in terms of ideological counter-attack. Such an approach would defeat Maoism’s ugly face of wanton violence and conspiratorial designs. It is time, therefore, to have a national strategy to hit back at Maoism and defeat it comprehensively.