Mist cooling system to be extended at Railway Station

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jun 2018 10:07:54


Staff Reporter,

Platform no. 4 and 5 to be covered with unique high pressure mist cooling system that provides relief during scorching summer

Central Railway’s Nagpur Division also planning to cover balance portion of platform no. 2 and 3 with the cooling system

To provide succor to travellers from pesky heat and at times sultry weather, Railways have decided to expand the high mist pressure system at Nagpur Railway Station. After successful trials of mist at platform no. 1, 2 and 3, now Central Railway's Nagpur Division has decided to extend it to platforms no. 4 and 5. The facility comes handy during high temperatures in city as the system automatically sprays cool mist that is a great relief for those standing on platforms awaiting arrival/departure of trains.

Said a senior official of engineering department, in present work we have identified the middle section of both platforms that would be covered in the first phase. Along side the balance portion of platform no. 2 and 3 would also be provided with mist cooling system to ensure entire platform length is covered. The work is expected to be completed by Diwali and would come handy during the next summer.

Those in known of the summer of Nagpur city would recall that it is unbearable to even stand in shade during peak afternoon time. The mist system at platforms works just before arrival and departure of trains. A long pipe connected to water tank is affixed to the roof of the platform and nozzles are provided at two feets apart from which the water oozes and gets evaporated due to pressure and the mist gets sprayed in the area. The feeling in aftermath of release of cool mist is that of a great relief.

Nagpur Railway Station has altogether eight platforms and in last phase another two to three platforms would also be fitted with high pressure mist system, said the local officials. As and when funds are allocated by Headquarters the work on each of the platforms is undertaken. The high mist system was first installed at Raipur railway and after reports of success other division evinced interest and are now rolling out such facility in their respective stations.

Although the facility is quite good lack of maintenance often renders such novel system useless. At Nagpur Railway Station alone during this summer when temperatures soared to nearly 47 degrees Celsius the facility was not working. The reason broken pipes and some malfunction in the system. So for better part of the season travellers had to bear with scorching heat.