City Congress wants to question Amit Shah

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jun 2018 12:16:46

Staff Reporter

“CITY Congress Committee Jabalpur wants to ask questions to the Bharatiya Janata Party National President, Amit Shah that prior to the coming Assembly elections, declarations and promises made by BJP leaders with innocent public of State would remain or would turn into slogans of election. In previous elections, huge promises to provide employment, industrialisation, development were made by BJP, but in five years, all fell short,” said Dinesh Yadav, Chief City Congress Committee Jabalpur while addressing the press conference, on Monday. He was accompanied by City Congress Committee, Spokesperson, Raja Pandey, Satish Tiwari, Guddu Choubey, Mahila Congress President, Rekha Jain and others. Spokesperson, Raja Pandey further said that the BJP, in previous elections, had levelled false allegations of corruption against Congress leaders and UPA II Government and by making false propaganda, the BJP gained power in State and in Centre. Now time has come when again BJP would be coming with new propaganda and started conducting events with no seriousness, but they are a huge show-off.

Like in previous Global Investors Meet, or regionwise or sector-wise industrialists and investor meet were organised in Jabalpur and Indore. MoUs worth crores were signed, but no industry came to Madhya Pradesh. Pandey claimed that, in past 14 years of BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh, the State has become number one in crime, rape incidents, farmers’ suicide, disturbance in law and order conditions and corruption is at its peak. The natural resources are being over exploited and BJP Government is trying to hide in the name of religion. While there are many questions that Congress wants to ask the National President of BJP, Amit Shah coming to Jabalpur on Tuesday, that whether promises and declarations during and before Assembly elections are reliable or not.