Faith, food & fellowship

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jun 2018 09:34:42


By Iffat Amjad Sheikh,

AS you step into the crooked narrow by lanes of Mominpura,you are transported to a different world, a world in which there isaplace for foodies - whether a connoisseur or not.The crowded place welcomes everyone with open arms and a big heart.The moment you enter the iconic place, the aroma of the vast spread tantalises not just your tongue, but your brain too.

Mominpura is the hub for those seeking a delicious gastronomical ride and enjoy the specially curated Iftaar experience with a spectacular panoramic view of the grand Jama Masjid. As the sun sets on another Ramadan day, Mominpura springs tolifew it han array of delicacies to be served, hot and fresh, delicious and delectable.

Start the joyride with the famous Shahid Bakery, which sells fresh bread, often still warm from the ovens. The naan, a mildly sweet bread particularly eatenat Sehri wins the race for the most sold out item of the shop. Other products like various types of cookies, swiss rolls, pheni, sewaiyyan also find favours, specially during the pious month.

“It is generally a trend to include naan and sheermal during the sehri, so obviously the demand is high and so is the production.We try to include newer varieties in cookies and breads, all at an affordable price.

By the grace of Allah, despite GST and rising inflation, the sales each day is witnessing a satisfactory rise as people don’t want to compromise on food when they are fasting”, says Mohd Zubair, one of the owners. Walking down the alley, you can fill up just by gorging on snacks sold at the roadside shops.

The one thing that tops each foodies mind when it comes to Mominpura is the scrumptious non-veg varieties. And the iconic place doesn’t disappoint. It has a spread fit for a king - ranging from the tantalising Tandoori Chicken, succulent Chicken Tikka, tempting Seekh Kebab,evergreen Shami Kebab, luscious Reshmi Kebab, delectable Keema Samosa, inviting Anda Pakora and the tangy fish fry among others. The list is endless and sois the desire.

There are flatmetaltrayspiled high with Keema Samosas,triangles filled with minced meat with ample amount of onion and mint-such is the demand that the samosas vanish within minutes and the trays are empty again. The deep fried chicken, still sizzling after being pulled out of hot oil, is sprinkled with ample amount of chaat masala and served with tangy onion rings is surely anepicurean delight.

This remains to be the most sought after non-veg item for people across generations.Mohd Iqbal,aroad sides hop owner of various delicacies has little time to talk. Serving a bevy of customers with various demands, he feels a ‘happy pressure’. “This is the most crucial time for our shop as 80% of the business is done inasingle month, for which the preparation has been going on for quite a long time.

Our motto is to serve various delicacies hot and fresh, so that satisfied customers canvisit again for its authentic taste. I am just gearing up to handle the last five day rush, where everything is sold out including the chutneys”, smiles the short man. The one place that really tests your patience is the Seekh Kebab joint. The aroma of kebab son the skewers being rolled on the coal is simply a heavenly experience.

But people lose patience in the mean time and the owner finds it difficult to handle an eager crowd looking for a quick bite. The smoky flavours of Seekh Kebab topped with green chutney and onion rings makes many salivate for more. “I really require a bigger manpower to handle the Ramadan rush as nobody wants to wait. The demand is quite high in the last ten days of Ramadan,where people from other areas specially come to my joint for a mouthful of succulent kebabs. And this is all at an affordable price of Rs 60 per plate.

For the last five days, my joint is open and ready to serve the whole night with preparations inaction for the whole day”, reveals the very energetic Aslam Khan. The summer fasting is really a testing time and people look at ways to renew the hydration during iftaar time. A popular solution is roohafza, a bright pink fruit squash flavoured with rose water and mixed with iced milk. Another popular drink for the night is the very refreshing lassi.But no thing can beat the much needed nimbu paani and aam panna.Drinks remain in demand at the iftaar spread.

For the sweet tooth connoisseurs, you will feel spoilt for choices with a lavish spread of mesmerising moong dal halwa,pala table gulab jamun, toothsome kalakand, juicy rasgulla, melt-in-the-mouth rabdi, appealing imarties among others. The sumptuous meal finds a perfect ending in the nawabi paan available in various flavours.

The stack of neatly lined paans itself is a delight to watch and the taste lingers on for quite sometime keeping the memory of a satisfying evening alive. If food is your religion, then Ramadan has to be the most eventful occasion on your calendar. And people make full use of the whole month to satisfy their taste buds. Food is one religion which cuts across the cultural barrier to bind all. Mominpura is an epitome of faith, food and fellowship serving happily