Man massacres five of his family

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jun 2018 10:24:33


Staff Reporter,

A MENTALLY-ILL man brutally massacred five members of his family, including his own son and sister, in Aradhana Nagar under jurisdiction of Nandanvan Police Station in the wee hours of Monday. All the bodies were found with heads smashed, believed to have been bludgeoned by sharp and heavy objects. The room where the crime took place was full of bloodstains. The grue some murders have shaken the city even as police are ascertaining motive behind the crime.

The deceased have been identified as BJP activist Kamlakar Motiram Pawankar (52), his mother Meerabai(72), wife Archana(45),daughter Vedanti(15)and Krishna Vivek Palatkar (4), all residents of Plot No 26, Aradhana Nagar. The suspected accused, Vivek Gulab Paltankar (35), a resident of Navargaon village in Mouda tehsil,is at large.Vivek is Kamlakar Pawankar’s brother-in-law. In 2014, he was arrested for murdering his wife Savita but was later acquitted on benefit of doubt. Since his arrest, Vivek’s sister Archana was looking after his daughter Vaishnavi and son Krishna.

After his release Vivek could not get custody of his kids as Archana had refused to hand them overto him due to his condition. PolicesaidthatVivekhadcome to Pawankar’s house to stay for the night. His motorcycle (MH40/Z-5709) was found parked in the house. Kamlakar, Archana, Vedanti and Krishna were sleeping in the bedroom while Vivek was sleeping in the living room. Kamlakar’s daughter Mitali (5) and Vivek’s daughter Vaishnavi were also sleeping in the living room with Meerabai.

As per police theory,the murders took place between 1 am and 3 am. Vivek entered the bed room when four of the five victims were in deep sleep. He smashed their heads with a heavy object three to four times before killing Meerabai,whose body was found near refrigerator in kitchen in a pool of blood.

All the victims, except Meerabai, seem to have died on the spot as the bodies were lying on the bed in sleeping position and there were no signs of resistance. Investigators believe that Meerabai might have come to the bedroom after hearing screams and Vivek killed her with the same object before she could raise alarm.

After committing the crime, the accused fled the spot by jumping compound wall. Additional CP Shamrao Dighaonkar, DCP (Detection) Sambhaji Kadam, ACP (Crime) Dr Ashwini Patil visited the spot to supervise investigations. Separate police teams have been fanned out in search of Vivek. On the basis of a complaint lodged by Keshav Marotrao Pawankar (38), a resident of Plot No 117, Jaidurga Nagar, Manewada, Nandanvan Police registered an offence under Sections 302 and2 01 of the Indian Penal Code.

Cops probing monetary dispute as the motive

WHEN Vivek was sentenced to life by the Sessions Court,Kamlakar, a small trader who also dabbled in real estate deals, had engaged lawyer(s) and helped Vivek to move the High Court challenging the order. He was acquitted by the High Court by extending him the benefit of doubt.

After Vivek was released from Central Jailthree months ago, he went to Navargaon in Mouda taluka where he ownsa10 acre agricultural land. As Vivek was unable to take up cultivation alone, he had given his agricultural land to a person oncontract.Vivek wanted to take his children from Pohankar’s house but his sister Archana refused ass he believed that Vivek would not take good care of the kids. It was learnt that Vivek’s mother begs in the village for livelihood.

Relatives told the police that Kamlakar, who had spent more than Rs five lakh for Vivek’s acquittal, was asking him to return the amount.He had suggested Vivek to sell a portion of his agricultur all and topay him the amount. Vivek was angry aftera tiff with Kamlakar over money and Archana’s refusal to hand over legal custody of his son Krishna and daughter Vaishnavi to him.

Involvement of more persons suspected

THE investigators are probing involvement of a ‘Jadi-Buti’ (herbs) seller in the crime who hadmade calls onVivek’s mobile phone on Sunday. Sources informed ‘The Hitavada’ that the cops are trying to trace the second suspected accusebu this cell phone was switched off.

The ‘Jadi-Buti’ seller owns a Mahindra Jeep and investigators believe that Vivek might have fled with him after committing the murders via Dighori Square at around 3 am.

Kalar Samaj for immediate arrest of culprit, trial in fast-track court

STRONGLY condemning the brutal murders of Kamlakar Pawankar and four members of his family, Akhil Bharatiya Sarva Vargiya Kalar Samaj has demanded immediate arrest of the culprit(s) involved in the heinous crime and appointment of Adv Ujwal Nikam as Special Public Prosecutor in the case to ensure that the perpetrators get capital punishment. Bhushan Dadwe, VicePresident of BJP’s City Unit and President of Akhil BharatiyaSarva Vargiya Kalar Samaj, Adv Suryakant Jaiswal,Ramesh Kolte, Ramesh Jaiswal, Narayan Tale, Ravindra Durugkar, Vilas Harde, Anand rao Harde and others convened a meeting.

They demanded that the accused in the case be tried in a fast-track court and the government should give compensation of Rs 25 lakh each to next of kin of the deceased.They also demanded that the government should take responsibility of the lone surviving girl of Pawankar family. They also urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, District Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule and Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham to personally look into the matter considering the seriousness of the crime.

Were sedative mixed in food

INVESTIGATORS suspect that accusedVivek mixed sedative in the food of Pawankars before killing them.Cops collected samples of the leftover from Kamlakar’s house and would send them to laboratory for analysis to ascertain whether Vivek had mixed somesedative be fore eliminating the family members. A police officer informed that none resisted or raised an alarm when the accused went on a killing spree. “As Vivek was staying at the house since evening, he might have mixed sedative in the food before Kamlakar and family members had their dinner,” the officer added. Cops have also stored viscera of the deceased and would send it for forensic analysis.

Five-yr-old girls were first to see bodies

A POLICE officer informed that the bodies were first seen by Pawankar’s daughter Mitali (5) and Vaishnavi Paltankar(5)when they woke up at 6.30 am. They started screaming as the five were lying inapool of blood. In a state of shock, the girls ran out of the house and climbed over the main gate which was locked from inside. They went to the house of a relative living in the same locality and tried to narrate the crime. A relative went to Pawankar’s house after jumping compound wall and was shocked to see the bodies lying in a pool of blood. He raised an alarm for the neighbours. Nandanvan police were informed about the incident. Hundreds of onlookers gathered at the spot after the news of the gory murder spread in city like wildfire.