Apathy: villagers forced to drink dirty water

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jun 2018 10:59:33


By Mayank Sharma


Due to the apathy of district administration, villagers are forced to drink water from ‘Dodhi’, resulting in spread of several diseases. This is not for the first time that such problem has come to light from dependent village Bangoda under Kokiyakhaar village of Patthalgaon development block. But it seems that the administration has turned blind eye to the woes and taking no action in this matter.
Around 25-30 families are residing in Bangoda village of Patthalgaon. Two years ago, health of villagers in this village was severely affected by drinking contaminated water. Villagers here were suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. The situation was so adverse that one the villager died of it and health of 70 other villagers deteriorated badly. Villagers of not only Kokiyakhar but also of Majhipara and Sarpanchpara were affected.

At that time, Health Department organised various camps through which medicines were provided to these villagers. Despite witnessing the massive outbreak of diarrhoea, district administration didn’t took any initiative to install hand pumps or to facilitate villagers with any source of water. Owing to which the situation in the village has remained the same, and till date villagers are drinking water from Dodhi. It needs to be mentioned here that villagers of Kokiyakhar as a part of ‘Nal Jal Yoajana’ received water but the villagers of Bangoda are not being provided with water as no pipeline was laid upto this area. In such a situation, with no other option left, villagers are forced to drink water collected from Dodhi. During summer and winter season villagers don’t face much of difficulty but during monsoon hardships faced by the villagers get aggravated. As during monsoon villagers spend around an hour’s time to purify the water and make it safe for drinking. At first the water is being filtered with help of cloth and then they keep the water still for many hours so that the dust particles in the water settle down and the water becomes safe for drinking.

When contacted some of the women collecting water from Dodhi informed that all their pleas to install hand pumps are falling on deaf years. Many times through Panchayat applications have been sent to State government but till date no action has been initiated. One women, Manjula Minj informed that the nearest hand pump is 2-3 km away from Bangoda and it is not possible for them to walk 2-3 km everyday to collect water. She also added that at grievance redressal camps also the issue has been taken up with the administration but all the efforts proved futile.
Murli Yadav, Dy Sarpanch of Bangoda informed that he has submitted many applications on administrative level to facilitate the villagers with hand pump. He also went to MLA and Parliamentary Secretary to get the problem solved but till date none of them visited the village to take stock of the situation. Sub Divisional Magistrate of Public Health Department, Vinod Mishra asserted that permission for digging of bore has been received and the work will be initiated as soon as the digging work at Farsabahar gets completed, the machine is engaged there, he said.