Muslim community observes Shab-e-Qadr

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jun 2018 11:33:15


Staff Reporter


The Muslim community observed Shab-e-Qadr also known as Laylat-ul-Qadr, a full night of prayer as the Islamic calendar turns to 27 Ramzan on Tuesday evening. The night is believed to be the virtuous Laylat ul Qadr when Archangel Gabriel revealed the Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammed.Maulana Akbar Ali Farooque of Madarsa Islahul Muslemin said that it is believed that the holy night of Shab-e-Qadr occurs on one of the odd-numbered nights during the last ten days of holy month of Ramzan. It could be any date on Ramzan 21, 23, 25, 27 or 29. In general consensus among Ulema it is believed that it falls on 27th Ramzan.

He further informed that the reward of any good deed performed during holy month of Ramzan is multiplied 70 times. But the holy Quran says in Surah Al-Qadr that praying at Shab-e-Qadr brings a reward equivalent to 1,000 months, or 83 years and four months of prayer. Muslims recite the Namaj-e-Tahajjud and Vitr, turn Tasveeh and offer Durood Sharif upon the prophet. Streets of Muslim localities like Maudhapara, Baijnathpara, Chhotapara, Sanjay Nagar, Mominpara, Gazi Nagar, Nayapara, Byron Bazar and other parts of city were beautifully decorated. Shrines, Dargahs and Masjids were decorated with colourful lights for the blessed night.

This is when the month long Taraweeh recitation is completed at several mosques. In fact, the aim of the Etikaaf seclusion is to attain the blessings of Shab-e-Qadr.However, the purpose of Ramzan is to attain Allah’s forgiveness. As per belief of Muslim Allah forgives 10 lakh sinners each day of the month of Ramzan, and on the last night he forgives the sum of all.
Muslims dressed in traditional Kurta Pajama with cap over head offered Namaz through out night at their homes, Masjids and spend time on holy deeds to seek blessings and forgiveness from Allah.