Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jun 2018 11:06:59

 LAST season the tennis world was witness to an incredible event when the four Grand Slams were shared two each by two legends  -- Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The ‘FeDal Slam’ was supposed to be a gauntlet that the next generation of tennis stars would eagerly pick up and make a statement of intent. Two Grand Slams into the new season and the story has not changed. Federer, at 36, took the Australian Open.

Nadal, at 32, picked the French Open. And the highly-talented GenNext has continued to under-perform. It is a woeful commentary on a generation of players that is still not able to come to terms with the champion stuff. It seems the rigours of international tennis are just too heavy for them to manage. The sad end of Novak Djokovic’s run at Roland Garros was a testament to the mental blockages the highly-rated future stars are facing. And as the new generation flounders, the old guard has taken control of its own body, mind and life. Some see Federer and Nadal playing until they are 40. There should be no doubt given the sublime level both operate at. Old order runneth, and how!



SHE has created her own mandate -- Rekha Mishra, a Sub-Inspector with the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Mumbai. As she joined the RPF a few years in Central Railway, she realised that countless hundreds of children and destitutes need help every day in Mumbai’s terribly busy local rail network. She took upon herself the task of helping as many of such persons as possible.

Over the years, Rakha Mishra has become an iconic personality in the ever-busy railway network of the railways. For, as she fought odds, as she battled rules and regulations, Rekha Mishra did only one thing -- the promise she made to herself that she would not run away from her self-mandated task. That resolve, that willingness to go full distance in helping the needy, produced good results for those she helped.

But more so her work produced good result for her as well. There is a lesson on her in the 10th standard text book of Maharashtra Board of Secondary Education. Of course, she did not expect this to happen. But her story has a message: You do God’s work, and He rewards you.