Style debate: Heels vs flats

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jun 2018 12:31:25



Some feel that a pair of towering heels exude an air of being in control, others prefer dancing in flats. The idea of vertiginous heels to some says - lady-like and less teenybopper, others swear by flats for the unbridled comfort they offer. And of course, there’s a majority which swears by the adage - ‘flats for day and heels in night’. We got two style purveyors to share their take. Over to the fashion mavens...

 ‘Heels impart elegance’ - Michelle Poonawalla

Heels impart elegance to a woman and make the body and posture tall and statuesque. Over the years, women have worn heels to dress themselves up, it instantly glams up any outfit. However, it is essential to choose high heels that one is comfortable in, especially because you wear them over two to three hours, an uncomfortable pair can certainly ruin your night/day.

Over the years, many designers have come up with some beautiful and timeless shoe designs. From Christian Louboutin’s famous red soles, and spiked signature style to Sophia Webster’s unique butterfly heels — every designer has carved out his/her signature that has worked in their favour. All in all, flats are ideally meant for a casual comfortable look.

When a women wears heels, she is instantly glamorous. It empowers you, instils confidence. While I am all for flats whilst working or out and about for a long and tiring day, there is something amazing that a pair of high heels can do, it elevates any look. My absolute favourite is Louboutin — from his classic Pigalle style to his spiked variations. He is a master in design.  In the recent past, I also admire the evolution of Sophia Webster.

From high end pieces to her creative collaborations with reputed brands like Puma, she is bringing out some interestingly realised offerings. However, all the iconic heels belong to the master of it all, Christian Louboutin. Across the board, shoes are getting more experimental and edgy. From Yves Saint Laurent’s amazing design of its signature new heels, to Louboutin’s spikes, to Gianvito Rossi’s transparent variations — the options are countless and always pushing the limits. However, classic designs are here to stay. It is fun to have fun with heels.

 ‘Flats are timeless’ - Cecilia Morelli

Okay, so everyone knows I’m a flat fan. Because  honestly, I have no time to teeter around in heels. I’m rushing to be a good manager, a good boss, a good mother, a good wife, a good daughter and a good friend. How can I do all that in heels? Heels come in different styles where the shape of the heel, the style on top, straps etc are all seasonal and trend-based.  

For example, the Saint Laurent logo heels, which are a big craze this season may or may not be a rage next year. Lastly, heels during the monsoons? Clearly flats are season-less and timeless. My first pair was a pair of cheap ballet flats bought at a roadside market near our home in the South of France. Some of my favourite brands are Ancient Greek Sandals, Celine and Saint Laurent, which I get from my store Le Mill and Chanel.

I love each of these brands for the different kind of flats, I buy from them. My current favourite are these traditional loafers, not for its look but simply for its comfort. I like to wear flats with everything from a dress to a sari. I’m not tall, but I think it helps to make an outfit less serious. For me, the most iconic pair is the Manolo Blahnik pointed black flats.

This year, I’m desperately looking for the same pair but in white. Flats today are already edgy and experimental. Have you seen the new Louis Vuitton trainers or Miu Miu’s latest take on floaters or even Alexander McQueen’s ankle-length boots? I think flats have enough and more to offer.