Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Jun 2018 11:57:34

THE approval by the Trump administration to sell six Apache attack helicopters to India is a sign of changing geopolitical equations. In the past the US policy used to be hyphenated with Pakistani security concerns. That impeded any development of Indo-US defence cooperation. Besides, there was also the Soviet Union and now the Russian factor. This resulted in India heavily relying on Russia, so much so that nearly 70 pc of its defence material supply remained tied to Russia. However, things are now beginning to look up and change for the good of both sides. In the light of the US sanctions that Russia is facing, it was feared that any future defence purchases from Russia and also US will get severely affected. Yet India showed its firmness in continuing its close defence ties with Russia even in the face of the US threat of using the sanctions by recently signing the deal for purchasing the air defence missile system, S-400 Triumf. The Pentagon’s announcement of the clearance of the sale of attack helicopters, therefore, signals India’s importance.


CIVIL strife, violence, gory deaths and a hopeless life of nomads -- all these constituents throw up a future that often ends up in an unknown dark alley. But then there are some who dare to dream, who challenge the spirit to gallop towards a life that can tower over the malaise destiny had thrust upon them. The entry of Afghanistan’s cricket team in the league of Test playing nations is all this and some more. June 14, 2018 will remain etched in the memory of every proud Afghani. It was the day when a handful of them made possible a triumph that cricket would be proud of. Afghanistan’s Test debut against India is not just about expansion of the game but it is a triumph of human spirit on the everlasting power of dreams. A cluster of refugees, who brought cricket to the fields of bloodshed, has succeeded in making its own destiny. A few players like Rasheed Khan, Mohd Shahzad and Mohd Nabi had already entered the consciousness of cricket lovers. And now with the whites on their bodies, the nomads have finally reached their deserving destination.